At the session level, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) moved -4.97351% from the open. The most recent bid on the crypto currency was registered at $2,418.993. Investors may also want to take a longer-term look at the world’s most popular digital currency. According to the most recent data, BCH has a 52-week high of $4,024.805 and a 52-week low of $278.360. Staying on top of longer-term price action may offer investors with a wider range of reference when doing currency analysis.

BCH has been recently noted at -40.49% away from the 30 day high and +110.65% separated from the 30 day low.

Whereas its latest closing price kept its distance from the SMA20 at +90.06% and +615.50% from SMA 50. As a result, using moving averages can be random at times the market appears to respect SMA support/resistance and trade signals, and other times it shows no deference.

Understanding market enthusiasm for a particular currency is crucial when considering entering a position. According to the latest technical indicators, the consensus recommendation for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is BUY.

Analyzing the price activity of some previous days, we were able to note that BCH price has shifted by -12.54% since the year began. Narrowing our focus to the previous 1 month, the price have been up by +58.33%. In the last 5 trading days, the bitcoin cash had decreased by -2.10% while in the past three months, the overall change in the crypto currency is +578.00%.

Examining a currency’s average volume in the short, medium and long term is useful to understand trading activity and investor sentiment. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has had a 20-day average volume of 98,027 coins, with an average of 20% of short term indicators pointed at Buy.

The BCH’s 50-day average volume has been 49,770 coins, with an average of 25% of medium term indicators pointing toward Buy. Finally, its 100-day average volume is 36,570 coins with 100% of long-term indicators pointing to Buy.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)’s Stochastic Oscillator (%D) is at 38.89% for the last 14 days. Values of %D line that are above 80 indicate that the security is overbought; prices could well fall in the near future. And the values below 20 that it is oversold indicate prices could very well bounce upwards.

BCH can stay above the price resistance around $2,693.832 a coin that could help propel the most famous cryptocurrency higher to the next line of resistance at $2,853.524 a coin. The typical day in the last 14-day has seen about a 228.29% volatility.