At the beginning of the week, the investor and the head of Fundstrat, Tom Lee, explained why Bitcoin did not grow during the cryptocurrency conference Consensus 2018. One of the reasons was the lack of certainty about the status of digital money on the part of regulators.  Not only traders and entrepreneurs suffer from this. The US Department of Defense has postponed the decision to check applicants for the presence of cryptocurrency until the regulators have made a final decision on the status of coins.

Cryptocurrency and civil service

A representative of the Pentagon in a conversation with the publication said that the recognition of foreign currency with cryptocurrency may affect the decision of the ministry to check future employees.

Digital money has many positive qualities, but they pose a security threat. We are waiting for the position of the Ministry of Finance, the Securities and Exchange Commission and other regulators regarding the legislative interpretation of the Cryptocurrency.

As noted by Bloomberg, the introduction of restrictions will prevent the Pentagon from expanding its staff in the division responsible for cyber security. The same opinion is held by the retired general and the former head of the unit, Greg Townhill.

If we consider the presence of a cryptocurrency as a reason for testing the applicant, this will very seriously delay the process of hiring. People simply will not wait until they are invited to the civil service – it will be easier for them to leave for private companies.


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