Meet with a new global crossover brand Volkswagen, which will be sold around the world. The prospects of the model Tharu two months ago, said the head of the brand Volkswagen Herbert Diss: the Germans intend to produce at least 400 thousand cars per year. In Western Europe this model will not exist, and China will become the first market: in these photos the version for the PRC is presented, which in August will be on the conveyor of the joint venture SAIC-Volkswagen.

Later, plants in other countries will be connected. For example, for the markets of North America (including the US) will be responsible for the Mexican platform, the South American markets will receive cars from Argentina. And the parkboards for Eastern Europe and the CIS, according to Herbert Diss, will be made at the Russian Volkswagen plant in Kaluga in 2020.

What kind of car is waiting for us? Alas, so far, Volkswagen is stingy for details and has not even published photos of the interior. But a cursory glance is enough to find out in the Tharu the rebuilt Skoda Karoq crossover on the MQB platform. Plastic sidewalls, the shape of doors and wheel arches – all this is the same as that of Skoda but differs only in the design of the front and stern in the brutal style of the Teramont model. And designers are not stingy for a complete face change, not limited to plastic plumage. Among other differences from Karoka – LED lights installed on separate legs of the mirror and reduced area of ​​the rear side windows.

The Chinese Volkswagen Tharu is made from the local version of Karok , which is 50 mm longer than the European one. Therefore, this crossover almost repeats our Tiguan in dimensions: length – 4453 mm, width – 1841 mm, height – 1632 mm, and wheelbase – 2680 mm. However, it is likely that for other countries Volkswagen will prepare a “short” Tharu based on Euro-Karoka – and then the subordination will not be violated.

In exactly the same vein, one should speak of power units. Tharu for China will inherit aggregates of local Karoka: turbo engines of 1.2 TSI (116 hp) and 1.4 TSI (150 hp) plus a seven-step “robot” DSG. A full drive on the local market, most likely, will not be. But for other countries, the set of aggregates is likely to be different: say, in Russia it is worth waiting for an atmospheric 1.6.


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