By the end of 2018, you can place such advertising through Yandex.Direct

The Russian tech giant, Yandex NV (NASDAQ:YNDX) began in a test mode to place digital outdoor advertising on Moscow billboards.

The partner of the company was an outdoor advertising operator Gallery, in a test mode, customers are available about 100 billboards of the company. While the placement is available through the Yandex.Display platform, by the end of 2018 you will be able to work with outdoor advertising through Yandex.Direct.

Technologies of “Yandex” allow measuring and segmenting the target audience: advertisers will receive data on its interests and socio-demographic characteristics, the company explained.

Now advertising is sold by auction model. Customers specify rates and the budget, and algorithms of “Yandex” calculate, where and when to show advertising. Payment for digital advertising on billboards is per thousand OTS – audience contacts with the message.

“We create a single platform that can be used to work with different advertising formats at all stages of the sales funnel. Now Yandex.Direct has a context, and smart banners, and video ads, and media. Soon, advertisers will have access to auction purchases of outdoor advertising with the ability to conduct cross-media campaigns,” said Leonid Savkov, commercial director of Yandex.

The CEO of the research “ESPAR-Analyst” Andrei Berezkin called the data, based on which the company will determine the placement of ads, opaque. According to Roman Postnikov, the general manager of oneFactor, data on navigation services used by Yandex is limited: they do not include pedestrians and passengers.

In 2017, Postnikov already compared the systems of Yandex and oneFactor: then he specified that the system of placement and targeting of outdoor advertising of his company is able to take into account the pedestrian flow of public transport passengers and cars.


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