The country entered the TOP-10 states with the largest number of crypto-active holders

While in Ukraine the blocking business is actively developing, companies of Ukrainian origin for the period from 2017-2018 created 25 different cryptocurrencies, due to placement of which more than $100 million was attracted, referring to the data of BRDO experts.

In total, since 2009, that is, since the creation of Bitcoin, by the year 2018, 1800 kinds of cryptocurrencies have been created in the world.

At the same time, Ukraine is in TOP-10 countries in terms of the number of users of cryptocurrencies, and among owners there are at least 42 civil servants. By the way, earlier the site “Today” figured out why Ukrainian officials declare bitcoins if the country does not yet have legislative regulation of the cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrencies in the hryvnia are replaced by three exchanges, and daily trading volumes on them using hryvnia reach the equivalent of $ 1.9 million.

Also, you can exchange Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for Hryvnia in 18 online exchangers and over 4,000 individuals. At the same time, there are no registered companies in Ukraine that carry out this type of activity, which is connected with risks and restrictions due to the lack of legal status of the Cryptocurrency.

Recall, the cryptocurrency market in Ukraine has already been divided into “legal” and “illegal”. However, Ukraine is in full swing preparations for a legislative settlement of the status of the cryptocurrency, and this may happen in the fall-2018.


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