In December 2017, the crypto currency exchange Poloniex reported that users should verify their identity by the first quarter of 2018.

Confusion with the purchase of Poloniex

Shortly after the announcement of the new requirements, journalists received information that the stock exchange was purchased by Circle Financial, although representatives of Poloniex denied it.

Finally, in February, an official announcement appeared that Poloniex was acquired by Circle Financial. It is with this that many users associate new requirements for verification of identity, because Circle is a zealous adherent to the rule of “know your customer” and fight money laundering.

Account access is closed

This week, many Poloniex users discovered that their accounts were frozen because they did not undergo the verification procedure.

At the forum Poloniex on Reddit there were many complaints about the verification process. One of the users, u / PauleeWorli, said that he still cannot access the account, even after the verification is completed.

“Today at the entrance to my account I was told that I should be verified. I did this and soon received a letter confirming that I had been verified – my profile reports that I am on the “3rd level of verification”, allowing transactions of $25,000 per day. However, when I switched to trading and tried to place an order, I was told that “the account is frozen.” I created a ticket, and then checked in Twitter and found out that many people are faced with the problem of “verified, but still frozen”. Can anybody help me, please?”

Indeed, messages about this problem are often found on both Reddit and Twitter. Even after verification of the identity, many users do not log out of the freeze state.

At the moment, the representatives of Poloniex did not comment on this matter either on the page in Twitter, on the Reddit forum, or on the site itself.


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