In Piblhire, on the border of Scotland there is Castle Craig Hospital. It established a course of treatment for people recognized as crypto- dependent. Most likely, you did not have to hear about such people. We tell more about both patients and treatment.

What is cryptependency?

Behavioral experts consider the form of dependence to be a situation in which traders can not tear themselves away from the market’s per-minute fluctuations. It is more like a game addiction than addiction. For this reason, treatment for cryptozarism is similar to treatment for addiction to games. The situation was commented on by the therapist Chris Burn, who specializes in gambling in Castle Craig:

The high-risk fluctuating crypto-currency market affects the problem player, providing excitement and detachment from reality. Bitcoin, for example, was actively traded, making huge profits and losses. This is a classic situation with bubbles.

How to treat cryptependent

Tony Marina, a former gambling addict and drug addict, described the treatment in more detail. Today he is conducting some procedures in the hospital.

I see that the trade in crypto-currencies is a way for people to escape from themselves into another world, because they do not like the world in which they are. The first stage of treatment is to add them to other addicts, with whom they share life stories in group therapy. This helps them identify each other and understand that they are not alone.

You can escape from yourself, but how to get away from taxes

There are no data on the number of cryptependents in the hospital. It is known that there are about 13 million traders around the world. And if some treatment really can help not to sell their homes for earnings on cryptocurrency, most UK traders are now ready to recognize themselves as crypto dependent if it helps them evade taxes. The British tax authority usually considers the income from the cryptocurrency to be taxable.


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