Decentralized auction Shelf.Network won the pitching of block projects, which took place at the conference BlockShow Europe 2018 in Berlin and received an investment of €50 thousand. The founder of the project Lasha Antadze reported.

According to him, eight companies were represented at the pitering this year, before which they were tasked to interest the jury with the idea of ​​their project in three minutes and show that they are worthy of further investments.

Shelf.Network is a decentralized network of sellers and merchants who, through the use of block and smart-contract technology, can conduct auctions on their sites or in a network of affiliate stores. The platform also allows dealers to enter into transactions for the sale, leasing and leasing of cars through leading online stores.

“This month we won all the competitions, where we participated, and all these competitions were connected with the blockade. But I would underscore that we do not sell any client to any client. Our goals lie beyond the boundaries of the blockade – we are improving the car sales segment, “Lasha Antadze said.

He also said that the company Shelf.Network moved to Berlin and has already concluded contracts with a number of businessmen from Western Europe. In the near future the project plans to launch three trading car platforms.

“I am sometimes confused that we are slowly developing. But then I understand that over the past five months we have achieved real customers and real income, “Antadze continues. “Our strategy, unlike most block-projects, is to enter the market and find out the market’s need for our solution.”

As Lasha Antadze noted, all the grants won, as well as the funds raised during the financing round from the sale of the company’s shares, will be directed to further development of the project.

“Being one of the candidates is very attractive and it gives hope for success. The Shelf.Network project exists since 2015 and the fact that now it has turned into something big and commercially successful means that then we set ourselves the right goals, ” he concluded.

Earlier in May Shelf.Network won the Grand Prix in the Token Economics nomination at the Frontier Innovation Awards 2018: Blockchain, which was held in San Francisco. Besides the title of “The best application for the real world”, the project received $1 million in investments.


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