Waves block-platform can suspend its operation in a couple of months if it does not solve the issue of renewing registration in the UK.

How likely is the elimination of the platform

Not long ago a document was published on the Internet, informing that the Waves platform will be removed from the register of the registration chamber, and will also be liquidated. Despite this, many users do not believe this, because they doubt that the document is authentic.

It should be noted that the appearance of such information in the network does not mean that the company went bankrupt or engaged in fraud – no. Most likely, representatives of the platform simply “ran”, thereby overlooked some administrative tasks. However, the situation is quite simple to put in order. Note that before that, documents of this content were posted on the network, only there appeared other projects from the sphere of the crypto industry, most of the information in them turned out to be false.

Waves team comments

To date, representatives of Waves have not commented on what happened. If in the near future no information appears, then, most likely, this will lead to a panic for investors and traders, which will certainly have a detrimental effect on the price of a digital asset. Note that for a day the rate of cryptocurrency has already decreased by 5%.


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