Member of White Hat and developer of smart contracts for the blocking Ethereum Alexei Matiyasevich is convinced that the longer the platform will survive without forks, the higher the probability that it will not have vulnerabilities.

He suggested that the failed ICO on the blockchain will not affect the reputation of Ethereum and it’s too early to talk about the collapse of the platform.

“Disappointment in specific tokens will lead to the collapse of these tokens, but will not affect either Ethereum. The only thing that can “ruin” Ethereum is the appearance of an improved platform with a higher transaction speed, “the expert said.

According to Alexei Matiyasevich, Ethereum is a global “marina”. Nevertheless, he expressed the hope that ETH as a currency will go into oblivion.

During the interview, the hacker also touched on the importance of ICO for small corporations.

“ICO can bring much more benefits not to some huge ambitious projects, but to small companies that need to raise capital to improve the lives of specific people,” the developer said.

In addition, he added that the less regulation of the government’s crypto currency, the faster and more efficiently the crypto industry will develop.

Recall, in the previous issue “Explain the Crypt” CTO Acronym Systems, Matvey Sivoraksh told about the legality of mining and schemes for the development of mining business in different countries.


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