GANA – the world’s first blockbuster project aimed at developing artificial intelligence for the medical application of cannabis – launched ICO. The sale of project tokens began on May 21 and will last until July 20, 2018.

Medical use of cannabinoids

Although the issue of legalizing cannabis and cannabinoids still raises a lot of controversy, to date, more than 20 states (including the United States, Canada, France, Germany and the Netherlands) have partially or fully permitted their medical use. Cannabioids are used to treat a number of diseases and symptoms, such as muscle spasms in multiple sclerosis, loss of appetite in HIV patients, nausea (including during chemotherapy), insomnia, chronic pain and Crohn’s disease.

Despite the fact that the cannabis industry in these countries is now developing rapidly, its technical infrastructure is just beginning to form. According to GANA analysts, the cannabinoid market will benefit greatly from the introduction of modern IT solutions that will work with Big data, conduct in-depth analysis and develop personalized treatment courses for patients.

GANA Technologies

GANA Technologies is developing an ecosystem that collects statistical data on the medical hemp industry: from patients, from manufacturers, retailers, medical institutions and research laboratories. Other development teams already offered solutions based on the blockbuster in this area, but at the moment no project has yet used the technology of machine learning. Artificial intelligence, created by GANA, will be able to handle huge amounts of statistical data and provide them to industry professionals and individuals.

Users of the mobile application GANA directly participate in the development of the system – for the training of AI will use the statistical data provided by them. GANA stands for responsible collection of information: each user sets the privacy level himself, and no data can be used without his permission. Each access to statistics is recorded in the blockchain. Thus, GANA plans to ensure the reliability and impartiality of the system, the transparency of processes and the anonymity of users.

“The main vector of our work is the collection of data on the medical application of cannabinoids, but everyone can participate in the project, ” comments Philip Nook, CEO of GANA Technologies. “For example, digital content producers for mobile applications will be able to supply us with their product, receiving in return a useful feedback and statistical data that will eventually allow them to improve the quality and relevance of the content.”

Advantages of GANA

GANA plans to conclude a partnership with the best industry experts and modernize the existing system. For example, after the introduction of the GANA solution, patients will be able to purchase prescribed medications directly through the mobile GANA application, and then receive them at local licensed distribution points. To carry out all payments within the ecosystem, GANA tokens will be used.


The price for 1 GANA token in the ICO framework will be 0.00005 ETH. This is not the only way to get GANA – system users are awarded tokens for providing data for statistics.

During the ICO, the project plans to collect from 20,000 to 60,000 ETH; these funds will go to the development, testing and implementation of the system. The minimum purchase volume is 3 ETH. Investors who purchase tokens in the first weeks of the ICO will receive bonuses.



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