Work on the launch of MainNet EOS continues. In order for the network to operate at full strength, this step should be supported by 15% of EOS token holders.

150 million tokens should be voted on. Voting can be tracked online: .

EOS problems

Meanwhile, the criticism is that the stock exchanges do not support voting on the EOS network, and quite a few of them have EOS on their accounts. The voting site, in turn, remains anti-intuitive, which can also delay the process.

Another problem is excessive centralization, namely the excessive influence of whales. The current voting rules in theory allow several large companies to choose block manufacturers at their own discretion.

The EOS course

In the meantime, the EOS exchange rate is suffering significant losses: the Cryptocurrency has sunk in the last 24 hours by 15% to $11.27. The time lag in voting can also negatively affect the cost of the token. According to the most pessimistic estimates, the EOS may fall to $5 amid panic and disappointment.

The fall of the EOS rate coincided with the general negative dynamics of the cryptocurrency market caused by news about the cracking of the Coinrail exchange and the ongoing investigation of the CFTC against Coinbase, Bistamp and Kraken.


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