On June 10, a press conference was held at the Gintama Briz complex about the first in Ukraine blockade festival Chain G. The organizers of the event will be the Ukrainian-American billionaire Mark Ginzburg and the founder of GEM-fest, the ex-head of the Georgian tourism administration Giorgi Sigua.

The festival will last two days and two nights, on August 15 and 16 for the first time in Ukraine will combine fintech and electronic music.

The event is divided into 4 blocks:

  • speeches by fellow experts;
  • panel discussions;
  • networking in an informal setting;
  • Night rest to the music of world-class DJs.
  • The official part of the event will be attended by government officials.


“Blokchan is a revolution that we can compare with the invention of a wheel or a light bulb. This is the progress that qualitatively changes our life. Thanks to this technology, we can overcome corruption, avoid dishonest transactions and accelerate the process of global decentralization,” Mark Ginzburg said.

He also noted that the blockchain is the technology of the future, and its development should be dealt with in a modern way.

“The format of conferences in five-star hotels and conference rooms does not stimulate the emergence of strong new ideas. Networking should take place in an environment without unnecessary restrictions. And this is the situation we will create here, on the Sea of ​​Kiev, in the Gintama Briz complex,” Mark Ginzburg promised.

According to the speaker, the festival pursues not only an educational goal, but will also become a platform where representatives of start-ups will be able to find large investors.

In parallel, the organizers plan to establish contact between representatives of government and business.

According to Giorgi Sigua, negotiations are now underway to present at the festival world-class stars, which he brought to the GEM-fest.

“We have all the necessary infrastructure to hold this kind of event and attract the most powerful headliners, both in the context of the blockade, and in the context of electronic music. In addition to the announced forum and DJs, we will have quad bikes, a beach, comfortable cottages in a pine forest,” Sigua said.


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