Everything You Need To Know About Cash Registers!

Concealments of recipes and impressions of receipt of cash without preservation of the act of purchase. This measure is aimed at combating VAT fraud through permissive payment systems.

1) What is a cash register?

The law obliges a trader to keep track of all transactions over 25 € TTC . If the amount is less than this amount, editing a note is mandatory only if the client requests it. A note must be in duplicate. The first must be handed over to the customer and the second must be kept for the commercial accounts. At the opening of a restaurant or a business, all the managers ask themselves the following question: “With what system of cash register to equip my establishment? “.

In fact, the cash register allows you to automatically edit your detailed sales receipts and also allows you to calculate VAT much more simply.

It consists of a keyboard, a calculator, two printers and a cash drawer. It is often associated with a barcode reader. However, there are many models with different functionality.

Among the models certified for 2018 are the cash registers on IPad.

More and more, merchants and mainly restaurateurs are equipped with these boxes. Lighter, more mobile and easier to use, these cash registers are directly connected to a central body.

2) Why does the state want to increase the security of cash registers?

Article 88 of the Finance Act for 2016 is intended to combat tax evasion. Indeed, an average of 17 billion euros do not come into the coffers of the State because of tax fraud. The main cause, the so-called “permissive” cash register. This fund does not allow certain receipts to be declared in cash.

In order to counter this, the State has decided to oblige traders to bring cash registers. These must comply as of 1 st January 2018. Traders will have to have a fraud software to VAT, as detailed below.

The credit union will now have to satisfy conditions of inalterability, security, preservation and archiving of the data.

After considering the application of this system to all companies, the Ministry of Action and Public Accounts finally announced in early June to have simplified and refocused this obligation. This device will only concern users of cash registers . In other words, it only concerns merchants .

3) What obligations for traders in the coming months?

From January 2018, merchants equipped with cash registers will have to certify that this is in compliance with the law of finance 2016. From now on it will be necessary to call on a software certified , that is to say a software secure, unalterable , which will have to keep the data and obviously archive them.

The ministry stresses that ” companies that have not yet made this compliance of their cash software have six months to ensure “.

In order to prove the compliance of his cash register, the merchant must provide documents. In particular, it may request an attestation from the software publisher certifying its commitment to comply with the requirements of the finance law for 2016. In addition, the merchant may request certification from a third party organization.

In case of inspection, the absence of attestation will be subject to a fine of 7,500 € per software or non-certified system, the offender having to regularize his situation within 60 days.


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