Staying safe on the internet in 2020


These days words like ‘Online security’ and ‘VPN’ have become almost completely synonymous. Basically, without a virtual private network, you can’t be absolutely certain that no one is spying on you, or that no one is mining your personal data.

Before we even begin to speak about staying safe on the Internet in 2019, let’s briefly explain what VPN stands for, as it will be the main topic.

What is a VPN?

VPN or ‘virtual-private network’ is basically a software that, just like any other program, can be installed and access via your PC, laptop, or smartphone (or any other smart device for that matter). The main difference between VPN and standard Internet connections is that VPN doesn’t track what you’ve been doing with it.

Contrary to what most people initially think, VPN isn’t only suitable for people who have developed a habit of delving into the deep web in search of ‘dark’ content – it’s perfect for everyone. Even if you don’t have a single valuable piece of data on your PC, you have passwords to your social media typed in, perhaps even your credit card number.

Netflix and popular websites are ‘targeting’ you

Say that you want to watch amerikaanse Netflix on your PC. Watching a show or two doesn’t sound too harmful, does it? Well, Netflix, just like any other streaming platform, requires you to enter certain credentials that can be traced back to you quite easily.

As a matter of fact, every word, even every character you type can be monitored. Bigger companies have already implanted all kinds of spyware for a singular purpose – they want to ‘find out’ more about you so they can target you more easily for buying (into) their content.

The Netflix Amerika is a schoolbook example, or better said, the most commonly typed in keyword more than half of the world has typed in at a certain point. Even though their services are great, they haven’t reinvented the wheel, they haven’t reinvented hot water or anything such. Netflix is just a platform where you can watch movies.

How can you stay safe on the Internet?

There are a couple of ways to somewhat camouflage your presence on the web, but one of the best ways to do it is to switch over to VPN.

First and foremost, a Virtual Private Network is incomparably more reliable than a standard internet connection. This means that you actually know what you are paying for at all times.

Secondly, VPN’s don’t keep records of their users. Your VPN provider doesn’t really care what your name is, what your payroll is, and what you are doing in your free time. On another hand, standard internet and cable providers do. In fact, they’re making more money gaining (and selling) information about you than from providing their own actual services.

Last, but not least, VPNs are relatively cheap. Even the most expensive VPN service isn’t too far from the average standard internet provision in terms of price.