Drop Shipping vs. E-Commerce Fulfillment

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Efficiently answer the HR’s question, “Tell me about yourself”.

The most common question we always hear in an interview is ‘Tell me about yourself’. Sometimes it is the first question HR shoots right at you. Since it is an open-ended question, it has various answers. Most of what you pick to tell them from the lot is throwing darts in the dark.

You need to be extra careful while answering this, as it weighs enough to figure if you’re the right fit for the team or not. Asking this question also means that the recruiter wants to know your confidence and how you portray it to the clients if hired.

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Here are some tips about answering the question,

Make a list

It is an obvious question every HR is bound to ask in an interview. Prepare your best answer before the final D-day. Make a list of your strengths and skills. Then, create another list of your weaknesses. Fine-tune all the points into composing the perfect answer.

Stand in front of the mirror and answer it as if you’re sitting through an interview. Or, better record it on your phone. It is a great chance to gauge the content you speak and the body language. Trim the answer as you find it fit.

Create an elevator pitch

Have you ever imagined being stuck in an elevator with your role model? I’m sure all of us fantasise about it. We all have acted out different scenarios in our heads about how to speak our hearts out and impress the person. Now that is called an elevator pitch.

What are the best qualities in you that the recruiter should hire you? How do you explain them all in just a minute? And mind you, to make an everlasting impression on the listener. Explain your strengths and area of expertise. And don’t forget to conclude by answering why you’re interested in this specific position at this given company.

The to-don’t list

Jargons and gibberish are best avoided. These are fillers in sentences that don’t really bring any meaning to what you speak. When the recruiters ask, ‘tell us about yourself’ – it is easy for the interviewee to dig a hole by themselves by speaking about personal lives. Nobody in the professional area wants to know about your hometown in the first meeting.

Do not reiterate the things mentioned in your resume. The recruiter has had enough time to read your resume, repeating the same is a waste of time for both parties. Also, another point is not to mention your desperate reasons for job application. Informing the recruiter that you’re applying here only because of the problems you’re facing at the previous office would mean that you’re a runner rather than a problem solver. And that, my friend, is another red flag.


Hope you liked the pointers mentioned above. Are there any others you want us to add? Let us know! And, good luck with the interview.


The Future of Parking Automation

The fluctuating need for car parking spaces is a source of concern and frustration for city officials worldwide. While large parking lots are often filled during peak periods, such as the holiday season, they sit mostly empty and unoccupied when not in use.

As urban areas grow, residential and commercial development needs more space to thrive. However, technological innovations such as automation could transform parking lots and, with them, cityscapes. Here’s how:

A holistic approach to parking automation offers hardware, software, and services that relieve drivers of all aspects of parking. In addition to the drivers, the environment and cities benefit from reduced parking search traffic and better utilization of parking spaces. As a result of parking automation solutions, smart cities are also a reality: intelligently connected, environmentally friendly and well-lit cities.

Vehicles are usually manoeuvred by centimetres when entering and exiting parking lots. A park assistance system supports the driver in performing his task automatically and precisely. Ultrasonic sensors and near-range cameras provide 360 degrees surround views to the driver. This allows for easy and comfortable parking even in the smallest of spaces. In response to obstacles detected by sensors, the software warns the driver of impending collisions and in some cases, brakes automatically. Data from multiple sensors are merged to make these systems more reliable.

Benefits of Parking Automation

  • Save Space and Money – Most parking garages are built to provide cars with adequate space to move both in and out of parking spaces. In an automated garage, circulation space and area for opening the car doors are not required. This helps developers better utilize areas that would ordinarily be used for cars and people to move, and allows for more storage space for vehicles in that area with single-deep and double-deep storage configurations.
  • Lower Operational, Construction and Finishing Costs – Automated garages help developers save on construction costs through reduced excavation, shorter construction time and lower land costs.
  • Decrease Environmental Impact – Continuous exhaust emissions are responsible for this environmental impact. The engines of cars are not running while they are being stored and retrieved with an automated parking garage, reducing pollutants as much as 60 to 80 per cent.
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction – A user-friendly mobile app and slick touch screens that enable quick retrieval of vehicles can make for a memorable and comfortable experience that visitors are willing to pay for.

To Conclude

As part of its future offering, parking automation plans could combine both connected parking and automated parking solutions. With automated valet parking, the driverless vehicle would park itself autonomously inside the parking garage. Using an app on their smartphone, drivers will be able to drop off their cars at the designated area and then start the parking process. Afterwards, the vehicle will find a suitable parking spot where it will park in automatically. When drivers arrive back at the pick-up area, the vehicle will drive itself and all that’s left will be to get in.


Why CRM Is So Important to Your Business?

Are you a business owner who is looking for the best way to manage your relationship with your customers and get insights into how your business is performing? Well, how about considering a CRM system. In this article, we will briefly define CRM and list some of its benefits

What is CRM?

Before starting to list the benefits of a CRM system to your business, how about we give you a brief explanation of it. The acronym ‘CRM’ stands for Customer Relation Management. It is a technology system used by different companies to manage their relationships with existing customers and potential customers. The goal of this is to stay connected with customers, which will improve the business performance and boost revenues.

As a tool CRM can be used to maintain a relationship with customers on different levels including, marketing, sales, digital commerce, and customer service.

Why Is CRM Important?

Investing in a CRM system and incorporating it within the work strategy can yield benefits for large corporate, mid corporates, and even small businesses. It will help them maintain good customer relations and much more, including:

Expanding Your Customer Base

When different people visit and shop from your online platform, click on your paid ads, or subscribe to your services, they will be providing you with valuable data. A CRM platform is a great reporting tool; it will help you collect this data, which will help you determine your target audience and their specific needs. The reports you will get from a CRM system will show you how customers interacted with your different platforms and how did they find you, e.g., it would tell that a certain prospect has reached your online platform through one of your Facebook paid ads.

Such insights will grant you an in-depth understanding of the market and the type of customers that are interested in your business. Therefore, you will be able to decide the best way to approach them to broaden the base of your customer.

Enhancing Your Relationship with Existing Customers

Reaching new customers is good, but you also need to maintain and strengthen your relationship with your already existing customers. Incorporating a CRM system into your business will help you with that. The system will collect their data and give you insights on those who are still actively engaging with your different platforms, and those who strayed away and need a little shake to agitate their interest in your business. Such information will help you in creating new marketing campaigns targeting your existing customers to showcase how much you value them and get them back on track.

Using information generated from a CRM system will even allow you to create customized marketing campaigns for your customers. These campaigns will target specific individuals using their names and ages and designed to appeal to their interests. Such campaigns will also enable you to send ‘‘thank you’’ personalized messages to tell your customers how much you appreciate them.

Keeping up with Your Marketing Performance

CRM system will help you to track the success of your marketing campaigns, telling you how your customers are reacting to them. For example, if you launched a campaign to convince customers to fulfill the purchasing process, the CRM tool will show you how many customers have responded to this campaign and went through the whole process to make the final purchase.

With this data, CRM will assist you to address the shortcomings of your marketing methods and improve them to reach the customers in a smarter and more relevant way.


5 key factors you should look in an inventory management software

The advancement in technology has helped many businesses take revolutionary steps in their business dealings, which has ultimately led to an increase in profits. It has decreased the workload of the workers and increased efficiency significantly. The inventory management software is one such invention that has assisted all businesses. The function of an inventory management software is to track goods throughout the entire process of production to end sale.

The management of the goods till the end process requires accuracy in tracking and management. Any minor error related to tracking or data entry can lead to grave problems. These errors mostly occur when people try to track the process manually, therefore the invention of inventory management software and employees monitoring software is a great asset for businesses. It takes care of the entire process and is not susceptible to errors. Inventory management software is a great blessing to all types of businesses, whether they be small or big. It enhances their business dealings and increases the professional standards of the business operations.

Here is a list of five key factors that businesses should look for in an inventory management software:

Research The Price

The cost of the software relies on the different requirements of the business. It is crucial to research deeply on the market value of an inventory management software and then invest in one. The requirements that businesses usually need in an inventory management software, is that it should be able to track the storage facility and products in the warehouse. If there is proper research done, purchasing from a vendor becomes easy as the person will be aware if he is getting the software at a profitable price or not. Knowing the market value of the software is very important for every human being planning to purchase for their business.

Focus On Customization

It is important to put more focus on the customization of the inventory management software as different businesses have different needs. Before investing, ask the vendor questions on whether the software will be able to meet all demands of your business. If there is an existing inventory management software and there is a need for another one for additional features, purchase a software that can comply with the existing one. Customized software that can fulfill the business requirements is crucial for gaining profit.

Consider The Flexibility

The inventory management software that you are planning to invest in should be flexible. The focus should be on features like, whether the software is appropriate for mobiles, the number of users who can implement it, if it is web-based or not. Putting the main attention on flexibility should be of prime importance to every buyer.

Proper Support

The inventory management software should be able to provide appropriate support along with carrying out all the tasks efficiently. It should be able to accomplish its purpose and help the business be efficient in its dealings. In case of an issue, the software provider must be available for help anytime.

Talk About The Requirements Of The Business

It is important to figure out the requirements you want in your inventory management software, before investing in one. Talking to the vendor about the requirements is crucial if you want your business to flourish. The basic requirements that businesses should usually look for in the inventory management software are, an easily manageable interface that does not require any training or documentation, the administrators should be able to add software modules seamlessly and the software should contain automatic features that are able to reduce manual labour.

MyBillBook can help to know more about this software. The inventory management software is beneficial for all businesses and helps people keep exact track of the data. Taking care of the data and the dealings manually is laboursome and requires a serious amount of effort. Since manual tracking is also prone to mistakes, this software is a suitable alternative.


Everything you need to know about API Banking


The financial industry is evolving constantly. With the advancement of technology, new systems are being introduced and incorporated, which have changed the traditional ways of banking and business in general. This article looks at the role of banking APIs in helping businesses improve their operations and create better user experiences.

What is API?

Essentially, Application Programming Interface (API) refers to a set of functions and interactions between two or more applications that provide information to the users. Businesses use API technology to provide their users with a seamless transaction experience. The technology enables companies to connect to a bank’s services, and extend those services, especially payment processing, to the customers.

How does an API work?

APIs allow for better ways to share data between two different entities, which in turn improves business performance in a number of ways. When businesses can share and obtain more precise information about their customers and their actions, they can offer a better all round experience and inevitably grow their profits.

In the world of finance, banks can grant protected access to their services to the other businesses, which enables regulated third parties to build new applications which can interact with the back end of their technology.

Open Banking and APIs

Open Banking refers to new regulation which requires banks to open their APIs and enable regulated businesses to access the financial information of their customers and develop new products and services. Due to Open Banking initiatives becoming increasingly popular, consumers are benefiting from the increased competition between banks and fintechs with a focus on creating better user experiences.

Since Open Banking is becoming so popular, the businesses that do not take advantage of these new opportunities are likely to be left behind. The businesses that do adopt Open Banking strategies will have a significant competitive advantage against other players in the market.

What are the benefits of APIs in banking?

There are several benefits of APIs in banking.

  1. First of all, it provides the third parties with secure access to their banking services, which helps them build specialised products and services. By sharing customer data more easily, companies become more equipped and informed about customer preferences and can provide products and services accordingly. This can reduce their waste costs and increase profit margins.
  2. With Open Banking APIs, banks and fintechs are forced to compete against each other in terms of customer experience – creating a more even playing field. As well as competing, they can collaborate with the most best in class third parties, which can benefit the banks, the third parties, and the customers.
  3. By integrating more traditional services such as card processing, businesses are able to provide their customers with the convenience that they have come to expect. This way, companies are better equipped to maintain customer loyalty and satisfaction.


Due to the technological advancements happening at such a fast rate it can become difficult for small businesses to keep up with the trends and giant companies. Open bank APIs provide small businesses with the opportunity to improve their performance by improving customer experience.


9 Business Ideas That Will Make Money For You In 2021

With COVID-19 still looming over us, our financial security still hangs in the balance as jobs and businesses still haven’t fully recovered yet. And while we’re already seeing people getting the vaccine, we’re still unsure about its effectiveness.

While traditional businesses like window companies or groceries seem to be doing okay, for the time being, a lot of them went through retrenchments and furloughs that sent plenty of workers packing and heading for home with no job security.

For this reason, a lot of folks are still apprehensive about going back to their workplaces and would still prefer remote work arrangements. Either that or get a home-based business going to help sustain them and their families in 2021.

If you’re one of those people who are considering doing something worth your while and get to stay home, here are a few business ideas that could make you some good money in 2021.

  1. Translation

Understanding and speaking several languages is quite an edge, especially in today’s time where the world has gotten smaller, and people from different regions interact more. If you’re bilingual, consider monetizing that skill by providing translation services to different clients and companies.

  1. Dropshipping

If you want to earn from home by selling stuff online but don’t have enough capital or storage space for inventory, then dropshipping is the way to go. It allows you to set up an online store without managing any physical products.

  1. Home-based Catering Services

If you know your way around the kitchen and have a knack for cooking up great tasting dishes, you can make a decent amount of money by providing home-based catering services.

  1. Website Flipping

You’ve heard of house flipping. Now we introduce website flipping. This has been around for quite some time now. And it is exactly what it sounds like. You can buy an existing website, make the necessary improvements on content and design, and resell for a profit. The only thing required is a bit of technical know-how, but once you’ve learned it, it’s pretty easy.

  1. Personal Shopper

If you’re into fashion and trends and love to shop, then this is probably the dream job for you. Who doesn’t want to get paid to do something as easy as lifestyle shopping? You can offer your shopping expertise to clients who don’t have the time, the sense of style, nor the patience to shop.

  1. Online Tutoring and Teaching

Online learning is the way to go now, especially in light of the pandemic we’re all in. The demand for online teachers and tutors has spiked over the past few months, making it a lucrative option for people.

  1. Instagram Consultation Services

If you’re Instagram-savvy and have great knowledge in making the most engaging IG content, then you might want to consider IG consultation services. Many clients are willing to spend good money on highly-engaging and attractive IG ads that can convert leads into transactions.

  1. Content Writing

Almost every business and establishment with some sort of online presence needs great quality content to keep them relevant to their target market. This is where SEO and content writing comes in. Content writers provide content for clients’ blogs and product pages to engage a company’s existing and potential clients online.

  1. App Development

A lot of companies nowadays use apps for their business. For this reason, app development has become a very profitable small business venture, especially when the cost of starting one has gone down due to the increase in affordable tools and developers.

As 2020 comes to an end and 2021 opens its doors to us, may you find the right business for you that will not only help provide for your family’s needs but also keep you and yours safe and healthy until this pandemic lets up. Stay healthy and enjoy the holidays!


Becoming a Realtor: Things You Need to Know Before Becoming a Real Estate Agent

The real estate market in the US is growing. The market was priced at $16 trillion in 2018 and is expected to grow by 7% each year in the 2016 to 2025 forecast period. With numbers like this, it’s no surprise that more people are becoming realtors each year. However, not everyone should expect to earn a lot during their first few years in the business. It’s important to ground yourself and know the ins-and-outs before becoming an agent and what you need to do when starting. Here are some things you should know before becoming a real estate agent in the US.

Kinds of Estates

Before getting into the market, you should know the different estates you can and cannot sell. There are two kinds of estates: freehold estates and nonfreehold estates.

Freehold estates are considered to be the “ownership” category of an estate. There are two kinds of freehold estate, the first is fee simple, and the second is a life estate. Fee simple is the best kind of ownership in a property because it means that you own everything within its location. It also means that your heir can inherit the land when you pass away. Life estate means that you only own the property until the day you pass away, which means the government or the bank (depending on the agreement you’ve signed) claims it when you’re gone.

Non-freehold estates are considered to be estates with leases. These properties are meant for rentals. There are multiple forms of non-freehold estates, all-determining the lease’s length and what owners can do with the property. At its core, those who rent a non-freehold estate can stay within it for a year or only for a certain period. Some non-freehold estates can also determine when you can stay or leave at any time. This is also called ‘estate at will.’

As a real estate agent, you should know the kind of estate you will be selling. By law, you cannot sell a freehold life estate if it’s an heir who tells you to do so. Because by law, the heir does not own the property. Knowing the kinds of estates is essential to real estate planning. This will help you and your company plot properties that can be sold or properties for lease. Not knowing this can lead to disastrous consequences in the future. Such as a bank reclaiming a property you have just sold to a buyer. This can drag you to pay for legal fees and can be fraudulent in some states.

Real Estate Laws

Although real estate law may differ depending on which state you might be practicing, it’s essential to know how ownership of real estate works. If you already know the kind of estate you will be selling or renting, you already know the laws governing it. Additionally, if you already know the constitutional right to own a property, you already know the general principles of owning and selling a property.

However, there are some intricate things you should know when selling or renting a property. One example is the necessary inspections you need to do before selling a property. If you work for a real estate agency, then most likely than not, your agency does this for you. However, if you’re an independent contractor, you’ll have to help the house owner with these inspections. These inspections include radon testing, pest inspection, and septic inspection. These intricate things can make or break your deal with a client so make sure to keep yourself updated with any changes to real estate laws.

Real Estate Market

The last thing you should know before becoming a real estate agent is the market. Right now, the market is seeing a shortage of properties that can be sold. Inventory is down by 22% compared to last year, and there aren’t enough homes for future homeowners to buy. This means that you can either tell your clients to opt for renting a property or buy one at an inflated price.

Knowing the market is already half the battle in real estate. The market determines the interest rates, the prices of properties, and how much all of these things change in a given year. Sure, it can be volatile and unpredictable, but you can keep an eye on it. By knowing the market, you can have a competitive advantage against other real estate agents in the market.

Being a real estate agent is not an easy job. It requires a lot of time and determination. You should also be ready to not earn as much during the first few months you’ve started. But once you’ve mastered the art of real estate, you should be able to get ahead of the competition and begin selling properties left and right.


Top 4 golden skills of the successful trader

To become successful in the Forex market, traders are required to improve their trading skills. If you maintain your discipline properly, you will able to develop these skills. When someone is aware of the fact that they are capable of making money in any sort of situation, they will not be afraid to execute the trade. Traders are required to maintain their discipline to develop the necessary trading skills. Let’s learn about the four strong skills of victorious investors.

Do Not Take the Outcomes Personally

If you have a strong mind, you will not get the outcomes personally. People should remember that one failure will not able to decide the fate of their trading career. When investors take a winning streak personally, they become overexcited and make an illogical decision. On the other hand, when an investor takes a losing streak personally, they become frustrated. People should try to take these as par for the course. The trading field is all about loss and reward. To get the reward, the investor has to take the risk. If someone takes a risk, there is a possibility of facing loss. The executives know about these. That’s why they try to operate the activities properly instead of thinking about the result.

Interpret the News Properly

Depending on the news, Singaporean traders should try to speculate the direction of the market properly. So, investors also need to aware of when announcements of news will occur. The person should keep the economic calendar to get the news at an exact time. If you fail to interpret the news properly and make the wrong speculation, you might face a huge loss. In the market, it is really tough to recover a huge loss. That’s why most of the people leave the market. If someone wants to solve this problem, he should have a better idea about basic analysis of Forex market. If you find it hard, visit Saxo capital markets Singapore and read posts about fundamental analysis from the experts. This should give you a decent idea about the economic state of the country.

Make an Effective Plan

Executives always try to develop a good plan. In the plan, they include the entry and exit, risk management rules, money management rules, and so on. The professional person also makes the second strategy so that they can able to deal with unexpected situations. In the trading field, it is difficult to face a similar situation. Every time, the market is changing. So, investors should modify the plan to cope up with the situation. One strategy will not be able to provide good outcomes for every position. So, people should change their plans after a few weeks.

Manage the Risk

The success of investors depends on the skill of managing the risk. If you know the use of indicators properly but fail to manage the risk, you will unable to secure the capital. In the trading field, the person needs to secure the capital so that he can go forward. So, people should learn the use of the stop-loss and the take profit properly so that they can reduce the risk. Here, beginners should not take the high risk of making large profits. Novices should focus on making small profits so that theywill be able to grow the account systematically. Investors also need to choose good trades for the benefits. Professionals are skilled enough to control the risk and so, they canachieve success.

Beginners need to practice properly to gain the victory in the Forex market. Through the demo account, you can easily execute a trade without risking any money. Here, newcomers will get the chance to improve their skills by practicing. This will also help to improve their confidence, so people will show their courage to compete with the big names. If you want to become successful, you have to remain patient to improve.


Why UPS is One Of The World’s Top Franchise Businesses

The UPS Store has consistently made it to the top of the best franchise lists, ranking very high on the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 list for 2020. In fact, for the past 29 years, it has been on that list. One would have to wonder what their powers are that they seem to have already cemented their stake as one of history’s best franchise businesses.

According to The UPS Store, here are some of the reasons why they are one of the best choices for every business franchisee.

Variety of Options for Financing

One of the best things about the UPS store is it makes things easier for a person to acquire a UPS franchise. They have partnered with Guidant Financial to help aspiring franchisees get a good start by offering the best financing options for loans. They even have flexible financing options that make it easier for vets to own a business. Their pre-qualification tool helps make the process a lot more convenient for applicants.

Brand Recognition and Reputation

As an industry leader for many years, the UPS Store has already built a solid reputation. It is a nationally renowned company that has a proven track record given its outstanding achievement and accolades throughout the years. Other companies trust them and find them easy to work with.

Because of the way UPS built the business from the ground up, others can learn a thing or two from them even if their business isn’t exactly similar. People who own businesses that have to do with reverse logistics or one who develops an RMA application or even one who owns a bakery that has nothing to do with logistics and shipping all can learn and be inspired by The UPS Store.

Innovative Products and Services

Innovation is one of UPS’s strengths that led to its longevity and great reputation. As a franchise business, The UPS Store supports its franchisees by providing them with access to cutting edge and innovative products and services.

On top of its existing small business solutions, such as mailboxes, printing, accounting, direct mail, business management, human resources, and marketing, franchisees have the freedom to propose certain solutions if they see a need for it in their respective markets. Of course, the proposed solutions are still subject to approval, but this goes to show how important quality customer service and overall customer experience are to the company.

Unconventional Opportunities

Along with their out-of-the-box thinking, The UPS Store also provides both traditional and non-traditional opportunities for people to own a UPS business. This includes store-in-store business opportunities. Some of these unconventional business locations are found in facilities and sites like hotels, convention centers, military bases, and college campuses.

Because of the smaller space size in these locations, getting a UPS Store business up and running won’t cost as much as the typical branch location. They also have in recent years seen a growth in store-in-store opportunities where owners set-up a small UPS business inside a larger store like a grocery, drug store, or hardware store.

One of the Best Training Programs in the World

Lastly, the company would not consistently make it one of the world’s top businesses if it did not have an excellent support and training system. Their training program is so comprehensive that it allows business franchise owners to learn every trick that will make them successful UPS Store franchisees. The franchise support system is made up of not just company representatives but also other successful owners that collaborate to help other franchisees out.

Even amid the pandemic, the UPS Store continues to dominate in the franchise business category. If you’re looking to franchise a business that’s stable and reputable, give the company a serious thought. You’ll never go wrong with them.