How Sports Flooring Can Affect The Performance In Athletics

Sports Flooring

Sports and athletic activities can make you stronger and provide physical and mental benefits to help develop a healthier character of your body. Learning to play sports from childhood encourages you to live an active lifestyle.

The world of sports is quite vast as it includes just the games that are played but also incorporates different types of equipment, and surfaces used in each kind of sport.

Every sport demands a technique, a means to play like a piece of equipment, and a defined surface that supports its activity. A sports floor is required to ensure that the athletes get the right support which prevents them from getting injured, which is common in athletics. Today, most sports floor is made up of Maple wood and its pressure-absorbing qualities and hardness make it an ideal choice.

Types Of Sports Flooring

Maple wood flooring is common in the world of athletics as it is specially made to take in the pressure, which is called shock absorption and intercept the injury. Primarily, there are main sports flooring types that distinguish indoor and outdoor sports. To know in detail about the different types of sports flooring, see more here:

Indoor Sports

Sports such as basketball, volleyball, badminton, wrestling are organized in a confined space where hardwood and rubber flooring is used. Hardwood flooring can be better used in games such as basketball and gymnasiums, which requires more shock absorption.

  • Maple Flooring: Maple hardwood flooring is the most common flooring that is used in gym flooring, and preferred for basketball courts. Along with being durable, maple hardwood is available in a wide range of aesthetically pleasing designs, it can also be easily installed and requires fewer manhours.
  • Rubber Flooring: Recycled rubber is used in gymnasiums, weight rooms where the main operation involves weightlifting exercises. With a seamless look, it is water-resistant, great for shock absorption, and less challenging to maintain.

Outdoor Sports

Sports like baseball, soccer, javelin throw, track racing, tennis are considered field sports that require larger space and appropriate playing area. Recycled rubber and Turf materials are mainly used keeping in mind optimum performance and toughness.

  • Artificial Turf: It consists of strong filament fibres that imitate the natural look of grass, however, in reality, these are just rubber fibres that require minimal to zero maintenance. Soccer, baseball, and many other sports now are played on artificial turf surfaces which provides better stability.
  • Recycled Rubber For Track and Field: To effectively drain the water and sweat, rubber flooring is given an upper hand over other surfaces since it is safe, strong, and consistent. Besides, these surfaces do not include CFCs and other negative substances.

Why It Is Important To Maintain Sports Surfaces

It is important to safeguard the sports flooring and take care of its slippery/pressure areas so as to create an environment of high performance and ensure safety as well.

Damp areas are the main reason for moss and algae growth that causes a layer of sticky wax which covers the floor, thus the athletes can face trips, slips which result in injury. Other factors like weather also add to the possibility of hazards. If a faculty has to ensure hundred per cent safety, it is imperative to focus and monitor these key areas and act accordingly.

A performance assessment should be carried to identify the real issues that cause injuries. Assessment including moss killing, keeping the surface clean, adding slip-resistant coating and so on should be done in order to reduce risks.

Before diving in the sea of the best hardwood flooring, research on the available choices and clarify your doubts with customers’ views, provider’s details and description, etc.

Make a regular check on the sports floor’s well-being, if the flooring shows any scope of improvements, do not hesitate to max out its full potential for an optimum act.