How Contextual Targeting Helps to Get Relevant Audience

Contextual Targeting

Contextual targeting is all about targeting the right people in the right place. Earlier what it used to happen is that the marketer used to place the ads on the site where there is more traffic. The more traffic, the more the number of conversions. Today’s marketing is not done that way. Nowadays the quality of traffic matters than the quantity of traffic.

Earlier it was not possible as we were lacking in the technologies. But today we are supported by the technologies that help to do so. This technology helps you to see the consumer perspective. This information is then used for making relevant ads.

Interestingly, there was a study that stated that more than 50% of UK marketers follow this marketing strategy. And they also added that this method has helped them with more conversion as compared with the other strategies.

How Effective is contextual targeting

Marketer’s testimonial proves that the contextual targeting has helped them with the relevant targets and the audience they gain from this strategy was all quality traffic.

1.  Relevancy

Before going with the contextual targeting a deep level of research is made making sure that the platforms are selected for placing the ads that are relevant or not. Starting from the website to the keyword and topic are researched and then contextual targeting ads are created and placed on the chosen site.

You can sure of one thing with the contextual targeting, that the audience that you will get will all be of high quality and everyone will be interested in your product or services.

2.  Accuracy

All the ads that are placed on the other website are carefully placed after doing thorough research. So there is hardly any chance to miss out on the potential customers that may be interested in your services.

3.  Privacy-friendly

You can rest assured about your ads not being spammed or overlooked by the customers. All the privacy terms are followed while placing the paid ads. The only information that the ad use is the information on the webpage itself.

Future perspective of the Contextual targeting

If we consider only the positive factors of the contextual targeting then there is infinite room for it to grow. But if we are talking about the current circumstances then there might be a problem with the current horizon.

  • Google will now restrict the keyword targeting

As of February 2020 google is going to stop the keyword research for the contextual targeting. Words like “sports”, “weather” you used to see on the google search engine, you will not be able to see any longer.

However, you look closely at the terms that google used are the broad keyword match. Hence, it not going to affect the contextual targeting directly.

  • Using the third party tool

Marketers are using third party tools for the audience’s data governance and using it for their marketing strategies. This way they are funneling down the characteristics of their audiences and using that information in the contextual targeting.

  • Future inclusion of the CMP

CMP- Creative Platform Management is the new feature that will soon be added to the contextual targeting. As the contextual targeting has broken the boundaries of being only text, this new feature will help to leverage the way of contextual targeting.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, you can say that contextual targeting is just the ore of the main product. As time passes this method will refine itself to become a fine weapon for the marketer.

And one more thing, remember that the contextual ads are the digital ads. So, to get the best out of this method you must have good tech support.