Is It Better to Give the Hospital Your Health or Auto Insurance?

Auto Insurance

After an auto accident, there are several pieces of information and documentation you must record to ensure you receive the compensation you need. Whether you have been injured or not, one of the most important things you must do is visit a medical professional. They will be able to alert you to any injuries you may not otherwise have been aware of, since some take several days, even weeks to show symptoms. Still, when you get to the hospital, you might be unsure of whether you should provide them with your auto or health insurance. The experienced Virginia car accident attorneys at Rutter Mills have provided a detailed video as to which insurance is in your best interest after being injured from your accident.

Unfortunately, not all health and insurance providers have your best interest in mind following an incident. Some health insurance providers and hospitals have been known to try to trick the victims of collisions into using their auto insurance to cover their medical expenses. This is not in the best interest of the individual, rather, it’s a way for them to make more money from your visit. It may also result in you earning less in compensation for medical expenses.

It works like this: If you were to incur $5,000 in medical expenses following a collision and you use your health insurance for the visit, then your insurance will cover it. The money is not taken from you and the hospital does not profit substantially. On the other hand, if you use your automobile insurance, the hospital will bill your insurer and pocket a few thousand dollars to pay the bill. (Health insurance, although it does pay the hospital, pays them at a discounted rate. They are guaranteed to get more money by making you use your auto insurance.)

Sadly, this is a common practice – and a predatory one at that. Instead of being transparent with the victim, many doctor’s offices will instead use their lack of knowledge on this subject against them just to make some extra cash. To protect yourself and ensure you receive the appropriate compensation to cover your medical expenses, keep this information in mind upon your visit to the hospital.

Knowing How to Navigate Discussions of Payment

In recent years, it’s becoming more commonplace for medical practitioners to urge patients to pay co-pays and other balances upfront. Many people have been taken advantage of and have even severely overpaid, leading them to have to track down the appropriate staff to have their money refunded. Always wait to see what exactly will be covered by your health insurance plan. For instance, using Medicare as an example, cosmetic procedures and off-label procedures would not be covered, whereas lab tests and inpatient care would be. Review your insurance to know how to proceed and what to expect from your providers.

You need also to consult the expertise of an accident lawyer. They will be able to provide you further detail into why it is appropriate to use your health insurance over automobile insurance and protect you from predatory practices from medical professionals. Get in contact with an accident lawyer today to get the protection you need.