5 Tips To Create Buzz on Social Media For A New Product Launch

Create Buzz

Eager to celebrate the launch of your new product? You are sure it will change the world, and everyone will embrace it!

To make your product launch live up to your craze for it, we present five tips to help you use social media to create buzz around a product.

Create a Hashtag

On its social profiles, Chopard, the Swiss watch and luxury jewelry brand, used a personalized hashtag to reveal an exclusive jewelry collection designed in collaboration with singer Rihanna. The hashtag #RihannaLovesChopard has been taken up by several customers of the brand around the world. It encouraged users to use it to share their own content and has brought together massive Internet users that share a common attraction for luxury jewelry.

Like this brand, you can create a hashtag that you can to spread the word about your product just before its launch. Using such a hashtag will also allow your fans to quickly find content related to your brand and products.

Besides, hashtags will help you find out what users think of your business. You need to consult the publications that use your hashtag to see the comments and opinions shared there.

Increase Your Followers With Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding can offer you much more than the budgetary resources needed to develop a product. This is indeed a great way to create buzz around a product before it is even designed.

When people invest in your crowdfunding campaign, they also show that they believe in your concept. Thanks to these contributors, who have already mobilized people around your product even before it was launched on the market. For this, you need a Kickstarter marketing agency that can boost the marketing of your product. This boost will lead to increased fan following.

These fans will want the launch of your product to be successful, and therefore they are likely to spread your campaign to their friends and loved ones by sharing your message on social media.

Crowdfunding with Kickstarter PR Agency will also teach you a lot about your audience. Indeed, the people who contribute to your funding often leave a link to their social profiles, allowing you to identify the users who interact with your campaign. Then simply consult their profile and the content they share to know their geographic location, their age, their interests. This data will help you refine the buyer profiles for your business.

Organize a Competition

If you allow your subscribers to win a prize, their enthusiasm for your product will increase by leaps and bounds. Choose a nice reward (it could even be your new product), then organize a contest that encourages participants to talk about your launch.

For example, ask them to retweet, share, or republish your content or even to identify a friend to participate. We recommend that you organize this contest on Instagram, a platform that facilitates user-generated content. This is one of the most helpful Kickstarter PR strategies to promote your new products.

Uncover Behind The Scenes Of Your Launch

Give your subscribers an overview of your product’s features and the people behind its design. Your potential buyers will feel closer to your product, and their enthusiasm for its launch will be higher.

To do this, we advise you to use Snapchat or any other live video platform. These channels offer greater authenticity and real-time engagement. You will be able to chat freely with your spectators, explain how your product works and your creative process, or even organize a question and answer session. Ask users to send their questions at a time and date that you set beforehand.

This tip will allow you to give a face and a voice to your product and strengthen the link with your audience.

Final Tip: Offer Your Product For Free To Increase Your Clientele

To celebrate its new line of leggings, the startup Girlfriend Collective has risked a gamble to offer its customers free of charge a product generally sold for $ 100. This offer has created a buzz and has enabled the company to broaden its clientele by reaching different demographic segments, from women looking for the best value for money to those supporting the brand’s position in favor of the protection of the environment.

Customers who benefited from the offer were invited to share the campaign on social media. Thus, the brand was able to create a real buzz around its launch and attract new customers.

There is no better way to promote your product than to allow your potential customers to test it for themselves, because after all, receiving a gift is always fun.

Stay tuned for more such posts!