Understanding the importance of Digital Marketing for finding foreign buyers

finding foreign buyers

Marketing which is done by using the digital technologies on the digital platform is called as Digital Marketing. For any business growth digital marketing is very essential, it is one of the best technique to do marketing by investing very less amount, you just need internet connection and Digital device to start doing digital marketing.

Digital Marketing includes the social media marketing, content marketing, Website development for the company, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing etc. Making the Digital Marketing strategy is bit difficult without implementing these strategies business cann’t grow longer or cann’t achieve it’s set goals.

There are the following advantages of Digital Marketing for business growth –

It gives the definition to the brand:-

Digital Marketing can be used to define your brand, implement unique selling process in your business and promote it every possible social media platform to send it to the large no. Of target audience.

To develop the relationship between customers:-

Digital Marketing used to create and develop the relationship between the customers and business person which helps in getting the information regarding the requirement of the customers which assist you make the goods and services which can be used to fulfil their demands.

Achieve a Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound goals:-

Make the goal of achieving a specific measurable goal and note the time period required to achieve this goal using the digital marketing. We will be discussing below the all type of Digital Marketing –

Social Media Marketing:-

It requires creativity and strategy both, there are almost 97% marketers use social media for the marketing and 78% sales person use social media to sell their products online. Social Media Marketing helps to promote the goods and services a company are offering, make it is easy to spread the information of goods or services. It increases the traffic in a very large number and grow the brand awareness in the market.

Government initiative to attract foreign buyers for the export:-

There are various export promotion scheme launched by the government to promote the export such as EPCG Scheme, Advance Authorisation scheme which allow duty free import of raw materials and the capital goods required to manufacture the export goods. SEIS Scheme was introduced under FTP to provide benefits to the service exporters.

Content Marketing:-

Content marketing is done to understand the audience by sending them the informative content about the company and the goods and services they are offering.

Government of India introduced RoDTEP Scheme to replace MEIS Scheme under Foreign trade policy.

Search Engine Optimization:-

It is the method of improving traffic on the website by increasing the quality and quantity both, this is the time of Internet people do search on Google for everything and that traffic may give great opportunity for the business generation so it is important to have the optimize pages on the website which can make Google easy to understand that your website can give enough information about the thing for which search is done.

Government of India launched Advance Authorisation Scheme which allows the duty free import of raw materials required to manufacture the export goods, EPC assist exporters for availing the Advance License under the Advance Authorisation scheme.

Email Marketing:-

Email Marketing used for the direct communication with the customers, it can be used to develop the relationship with the customers for a long time, a company can send commercial message using the email marketing. You can update them by sending regular mails or newsletters.