Why UPS is One Of The World’s Top Franchise Businesses


The UPS Store has consistently made it to the top of the best franchise lists, ranking very high on the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 list for 2020. In fact, for the past 29 years, it has been on that list. One would have to wonder what their powers are that they seem to have already cemented their stake as one of history’s best franchise businesses.

According to The UPS Store, here are some of the reasons why they are one of the best choices for every business franchisee.

Variety of Options for Financing

One of the best things about the UPS store is it makes things easier for a person to acquire a UPS franchise. They have partnered with Guidant Financial to help aspiring franchisees get a good start by offering the best financing options for loans. They even have flexible financing options that make it easier for vets to own a business. Their pre-qualification tool helps make the process a lot more convenient for applicants.

Brand Recognition and Reputation

As an industry leader for many years, the UPS Store has already built a solid reputation. It is a nationally renowned company that has a proven track record given its outstanding achievement and accolades throughout the years. Other companies trust them and find them easy to work with.

Because of the way UPS built the business from the ground up, others can learn a thing or two from them even if their business isn’t exactly similar. People who own businesses that have to do with reverse logistics or one who develops an RMA application or even one who owns a bakery that has nothing to do with logistics and shipping all can learn and be inspired by The UPS Store.

Innovative Products and Services

Innovation is one of UPS’s strengths that led to its longevity and great reputation. As a franchise business, The UPS Store supports its franchisees by providing them with access to cutting edge and innovative products and services.

On top of its existing small business solutions, such as mailboxes, printing, accounting, direct mail, business management, human resources, and marketing, franchisees have the freedom to propose certain solutions if they see a need for it in their respective markets. Of course, the proposed solutions are still subject to approval, but this goes to show how important quality customer service and overall customer experience are to the company.

Unconventional Opportunities

Along with their out-of-the-box thinking, The UPS Store also provides both traditional and non-traditional opportunities for people to own a UPS business. This includes store-in-store business opportunities. Some of these unconventional business locations are found in facilities and sites like hotels, convention centers, military bases, and college campuses.

Because of the smaller space size in these locations, getting a UPS Store business up and running won’t cost as much as the typical branch location. They also have in recent years seen a growth in store-in-store opportunities where owners set-up a small UPS business inside a larger store like a grocery, drug store, or hardware store.

One of the Best Training Programs in the World

Lastly, the company would not consistently make it one of the world’s top businesses if it did not have an excellent support and training system. Their training program is so comprehensive that it allows business franchise owners to learn every trick that will make them successful UPS Store franchisees. The franchise support system is made up of not just company representatives but also other successful owners that collaborate to help other franchisees out.

Even amid the pandemic, the UPS Store continues to dominate in the franchise business category. If you’re looking to franchise a business that’s stable and reputable, give the company a serious thought. You’ll never go wrong with them.