9 Business Ideas That Will Make Money For You In 2021

Business Ideas

With COVID-19 still looming over us, our financial security still hangs in the balance as jobs and businesses still haven’t fully recovered yet. And while we’re already seeing people getting the vaccine, we’re still unsure about its effectiveness.

While traditional businesses like window companies or groceries seem to be doing okay, for the time being, a lot of them went through retrenchments and furloughs that sent plenty of workers packing and heading for home with no job security.

For this reason, a lot of folks are still apprehensive about going back to their workplaces and would still prefer remote work arrangements. Either that or get a home-based business going to help sustain them and their families in 2021.

If you’re one of those people who are considering doing something worth your while and get to stay home, here are a few business ideas that could make you some good money in 2021.

  1. Translation

Understanding and speaking several languages is quite an edge, especially in today’s time where the world has gotten smaller, and people from different regions interact more. If you’re bilingual, consider monetizing that skill by providing translation services to different clients and companies.

  1. Dropshipping

If you want to earn from home by selling stuff online but don’t have enough capital or storage space for inventory, then dropshipping is the way to go. It allows you to set up an online store without managing any physical products.

  1. Home-based Catering Services

If you know your way around the kitchen and have a knack for cooking up great tasting dishes, you can make a decent amount of money by providing home-based catering services.

  1. Website Flipping

You’ve heard of house flipping. Now we introduce website flipping. This has been around for quite some time now. And it is exactly what it sounds like. You can buy an existing website, make the necessary improvements on content and design, and resell for a profit. The only thing required is a bit of technical know-how, but once you’ve learned it, it’s pretty easy.

  1. Personal Shopper

If you’re into fashion and trends and love to shop, then this is probably the dream job for you. Who doesn’t want to get paid to do something as easy as lifestyle shopping? You can offer your shopping expertise to clients who don’t have the time, the sense of style, nor the patience to shop.

  1. Online Tutoring and Teaching

Online learning is the way to go now, especially in light of the pandemic we’re all in. The demand for online teachers and tutors has spiked over the past few months, making it a lucrative option for people.

  1. Instagram Consultation Services

If you’re Instagram-savvy and have great knowledge in making the most engaging IG content, then you might want to consider IG consultation services. Many clients are willing to spend good money on highly-engaging and attractive IG ads that can convert leads into transactions.

  1. Content Writing

Almost every business and establishment with some sort of online presence needs great quality content to keep them relevant to their target market. This is where SEO and content writing comes in. Content writers provide content for clients’ blogs and product pages to engage a company’s existing and potential clients online.

  1. App Development

A lot of companies nowadays use apps for their business. For this reason, app development has become a very profitable small business venture, especially when the cost of starting one has gone down due to the increase in affordable tools and developers.

As 2020 comes to an end and 2021 opens its doors to us, may you find the right business for you that will not only help provide for your family’s needs but also keep you and yours safe and healthy until this pandemic lets up. Stay healthy and enjoy the holidays!