Efficiently answer the HR’s question, “Tell me about yourself”.

Efficiently answer the HR’s question, “Tell me about yourself

The most common question we always hear in an interview is ‘Tell me about yourself’. Sometimes it is the first question HR shoots right at you. Since it is an open-ended question, it has various answers. Most of what you pick to tell them from the lot is throwing darts in the dark.

You need to be extra careful while answering this, as it weighs enough to figure if you’re the right fit for the team or not. Asking this question also means that the recruiter wants to know your confidence and how you portray it to the clients if hired.

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Here are some tips about answering the question,

Make a list

It is an obvious question every HR is bound to ask in an interview. Prepare your best answer before the final D-day. Make a list of your strengths and skills. Then, create another list of your weaknesses. Fine-tune all the points into composing the perfect answer.

Stand in front of the mirror and answer it as if you’re sitting through an interview. Or, better record it on your phone. It is a great chance to gauge the content you speak and the body language. Trim the answer as you find it fit.

Create an elevator pitch

Have you ever imagined being stuck in an elevator with your role model? I’m sure all of us fantasise about it. We all have acted out different scenarios in our heads about how to speak our hearts out and impress the person. Now that is called an elevator pitch.

What are the best qualities in you that the recruiter should hire you? How do you explain them all in just a minute? And mind you, to make an everlasting impression on the listener. Explain your strengths and area of expertise. And don’t forget to conclude by answering why you’re interested in this specific position at this given company.

The to-don’t list

Jargons and gibberish are best avoided. These are fillers in sentences that don’t really bring any meaning to what you speak. When the recruiters ask, ‘tell us about yourself’ – it is easy for the interviewee to dig a hole by themselves by speaking about personal lives. Nobody in the professional area wants to know about your hometown in the first meeting.

Do not reiterate the things mentioned in your resume. The recruiter has had enough time to read your resume, repeating the same is a waste of time for both parties. Also, another point is not to mention your desperate reasons for job application. Informing the recruiter that you’re applying here only because of the problems you’re facing at the previous office would mean that you’re a runner rather than a problem solver. And that, my friend, is another red flag.


Hope you liked the pointers mentioned above. Are there any others you want us to add? Let us know! And, good luck with the interview.