Effect Of Gearbox Choice On Car Insurance Premium

Car Insurance

Before buying, most automobile buyers discuss gearboxes. The debate over whether to purchase a vehicle with a manual gearbox, which allows the driver to select between various gear ratios, or one with an automatic gearbox, which requires no driver input to change forward gears under normal driving conditions, has persisted for a while and is unlikely to end any time soon given that both options have advantages. Car insurance, however, may in some circumstances determine your decision.

An automatic gearbox offers clutch-free driving, but a manual gearbox keeps one connected to the car. Before buying a car, deciding what you want in a car and how you’ll drive it is best. Both transmissions have their pros and cons. Despite all the talk about gearbox types, many people don’t realise that their car’s gearbox affects their insurance premiums.

You heard correctly. Your gearbox is one of the main factors determining your car insurance premium. All public-use vehicles must be insured under the Indian Motor Vehicles Act. It covers car repairs and third-party liabilities for car owners. Since car insurance is essential, consider how your gearbox preference will affect your car insurance premium.

Let’s Discuss Gearbox Insurance

Operational Complexity

Manual gearboxes require drivers to change gears. The automatic gearbox simplifies this process by using fluid pressure to change gears intelligently with an onboard ECU. An automatic gearbox simplifies gear changes, but its technology is more complicated than a manual one.

The high cost of these components affects repair and replacement costs. Automatic gearbox cars cost more to insure. However, it’s important to remember that the gearbox is only one of a car’s many major parts and that the premium difference is marginal when comparing two cars with similar specifications.

Car cost

Automatic gearbox cars cost more due to their complexity. This is why automatic cars cost more than manual cars—the more expensive your car, the higher your car insurance prices.


Metros and larger cities have higher motor insurance premiums than tier 3 cities and small towns. Cities have more traffic, accidents, and thefts. In cities with a higher risk of damage, threat, or loss, insurer liability increases, raising insurance premiums. How does this affect gearbox selection? Automatic gearbox cars are preferred in cities due to traffic because they smoothly change gears. If you live in a city and drive an automatic car, your insurance premium will be higher than in a smaller town.

Car make, model, variant, and age

Manufacturer, model, and features also affect motor insurance premiums. Thus, luxury cars have higher auto insurance rates than regular cars.

Premium cars have advanced auto gearbox systems, which also affect insurance costs. That’s why your insurance premium may vary on automatic gearbox types like AMT, CVT, DCT, etc. The age of your vehicle, which depreciates due to wear and tear, is also crucial for calculating insurance costs. Use a car insurance calculator to determine how much premium you will pay for your vehicle. Whether manual or automatic, ensure you are protected by car insurance.

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