6 Ways How Translation Shapes Your Life


Sept. 30 is celebrated as the International Translation Day all over the World.  Not many people know about it or not care for it as they do not find any connection to it. This is due to the ignorance that translation is not something that is connected to our daily lives. I would like to throw light on the topic that how translation is related to us and shapes our lives.

The different fields of translation are Marketing Content Translation Services, Medical Translation Services, Technical Translation Services, News Translation Services, Websites Translation Services, Books and Magazine Translation Services, Scientific Translation Services etc.

  1. Saves Our Lives

Medical Information and Literature is mainly published in English. It is the translators who work hard to convey the important information related to health that saves lives in other languages. Every hospital in a city has medical language translators and interpreters.

  1. Prevents Terrorism

Intelligence Units of every country gather information from other countries to fight terrorism. As the information comes from different countries, the language of the information is also in different languages. Intercepted information needs to be translated for the officials to understand them and act upon.

  1. Helps in Peace Process

International diplomacy is dependent upon translation services. Diplomats of different countries speak and understand different languages. When they meet or exchange written communications they need translators and interpreters to understand each other. This helps in building a peace process among nations across the globe.

  1. Creates jobs

Common Sense Advisory is a translation industry think tank that estimated the worth of translation market to be $37 Billion USD in 2018. There are more than 26000 translation companies across the World that provides translation services. These companies recruit and employ personnel from various fields other than translators viz. finance, marketing, sales, engineering and technology.

  1. Boosts the economy

Since, Global business cannot sell their products and services without the help of multi-lingual translation services we can simply say that translation boosts every economy be it domestic or international.

  1. Translation entertains us

The entertainment industry that entertains us with sports, cinema, gaming etc. all need the translation to reach out to us. Often you must have noticed sub- titles in movies and a translator or interpreter translating and interpreting the updates from a soccer playground or from an international volleyball tournament.

Conclusion: If we sit and brainstorm we will realize that translation is playing a vital role and shaping up our lives on a daily basis. The 6 points mentioned above are not the end of it. There are many more scenarios of our daily lives where translation plays a vital role from behind the screen.