How to Find Investors


Do you need to find investors in order to start-up your own business or bring your existing business to the next level and grow it? There are various nifty ways to find investors whose help you will require to help finance your business. Obtaining more capital and finance will always be a necessity in a business whether you’ve already grown and are offering great products and services. Without the appropriate finance and investment, your business may eventually be one step behind from that of your competitors. So when finding investors you can scope out these few tips to find the right investors who would be willing to invest into your business idea.

  • With the help of Business Schools

Contact your closest university as they have a large number of strong networks of succeeding entrepreneurs and investors. Universities are occasionally offering business-related programs for start-up students willing to step into the entrepreneurial industry.

  • Contact your Friends in the Business Industry

If you are aware of other people in the same industry you’re looking to find investors for, contact them and ask for recommendations. Since many investors are interested in investing in specific industries or business areas; such as travel, retail, automobiles, mobile app developers, and so on. Do some mild research in your area of work and try to get into contact with investors interested to invest in your field of work.

  • Angel Investors Networks

Angel investor networks are known to be a network of a number of members who tend to invest in businesses based on location. They source their capital from an existing investment firm who sets aside a fund to be specifically invested and dealt into such businesses by these angel investors.

  • Online Sources

A number of online platforms such as LinkedIn, AngelList, Quora, Microventures, etc can be of help when searching for angel investors. You can scope out investors online which may save up on time and help you find a suitable investor within no time. You can start by looking for investors in your own field.

Another great online platform to help you scope out investors by your locations and field is Gain Investors. Here you can join and get into contact with already successful individuals. If you already have a business idea that you are sure of being successful the only thing you’ll be lacking is the appropriate business investment funding. Attaining investment will not only help you start-up your business venture but also aid in materializing your business idea and becoming a reality.

Through Gain Investors, you can quickly present your business vision to willing investors and make them agree to invest in your idea. You may be able to persuade and sway an investor or maybe even a whole investment firm to look into your idea and help it become a reality.

It is not only an opportunity for you who’s looking to find investors but also for investors themselves. As they can find great investment opportunities that will pique your interest and make you want to help and see the innovative business ideas becoming a reality. These investments will then help the investors bring in positive returns and good publicity. So find an investment project you’re interested in and contact the entrepreneur or the investors and begin working together!