Benefits of Bitcoin Futures for Traders and Investors

Are you planning to invest in Bitcoin futures but not sure about its benefits? Well. If that’s spinning your head, then the benefits of Bitcoin futures will definitely clear all your doubts.

Cryptocurrencies have turned things around, and people are leaning towards Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Since the Cboe Global Markets and CME Group introduced their futures contracts in December, the volume of trading Bitcoin futures has gradually increased, as prices in real transactions of the virtual currency have steadied.

Often, people get confused about Bitcoin futures. So the very thing you need to know while trading Bitcoin futures, there is no Bitcoin involved. In simple terms, because futures are financial transactions that pay in cash, no Bitcoins are really exchanged. You guess on the value of Bitcoin rather than purchasing or selling the core cryptocurrency asset.

That’s why it is more secure as investors have more liquidity.

Why are Bitcoin Futures Good Option For Traders and Investors?

Bitcoin futures are similar to any other derivatives financial asset of this type, such as oil or soybean futures. They reflect a contract to acquire or purchase a specified value of an asset on a specific day at a predetermined price. Investors frequently use future prospects for hedging dangers or theories because the price of the futures contracts is predicated on the performance of an underlying value. Investors and traders buy future prospects to set the value for a particular period, giving them the privilege of stable prices even in market volatility.

Advantages Of Bitcoin Futures Over Stocks

Below are the benefits of Bitcoin futures:

  1. Highly Leveraged– Trading in Bitcoin futures simply implies that an investor may expose himself to a far larger number of equities than he ever could if he bought the actual stock. As a result, if the market swings in his favor, their earnings grow.
  2. Backed Up By Experts – The CBOE and CME have a lengthy history of successfully providing platforms for purchasing and selling futures contracts. The introduction of such trading platforms will help to improve price discovery. That means that every new knowledge about Bitcoin will be reflected immediately in the contract prices. This will very certainly be a significant advantage to all traders and investors.
  3. Fast Money – In Bitcoin futures, an individual with strong judgment may earn rapid profit as they deal with 10 times the amount of risk as conventional equities. Furthermore, prices in futures markets change quicker than in money or spot markets. But it involves risk, so invest wisely.
  4. Reference Price – Every trading day, the contracts will be resolved using a clear reference price. That reference price may not be exact, but it will eventually be incorporated into contracts involving Bitcoin payments and receipts, just as it is in other markets. In summary, having a clear settlement price will make it easier to use Bitcoin as a payment mechanism.
  5. Liquid– Future contracts are bought and sold in large volumes nearly every day, making them extremely liquid. Market orders may be placed rapidly because of the continued existence of sellers and buyers in future markets. This also means that prices do not change significantly, particularly for contracts approaching maturity. As a result, a large stake may be quickly liquidated without causing a price drop.

There you go! Now you know all about the benefits of Bitcoin futures for traders and investors. No doubt, Bitcoin futures are alluring p[eople from all across the globe, but such currencies are very volatile. If you are looking to invest, you can surely give Delta Exchange for Bitcoin futures a try.


4 Common Mistakes People Make When Selling Gold

Selling your precious gold can be bewildering. There are so many gold buyers and business who promise to give you cash for your money, knowing which one to choose can be hard. It’s easy to make mistakes and novice gold sellers have been known to make a lot of mistakes. Here are some of the most common one and ways to avoid them:

  1. Waiting for the price of gold to go higher than it is

The “buy and hold” strategy is one that investment brokers advise but it is not always the best decision. This is because gold and other precious metals like it always fluctuate. When the price of gold fluctuates, so does the price of everything else that is made of gold. It is easy to get caught up in the day to day fluctuations. What you should be looking at are the long term-trends. By all means, if you see the price increasing, sell. You never know whether they will continue their upward trajectory of tumble.

  1. Unrealistic expectations

It is easy to get caught up in what the online community or friends say about the value of your gold. Until you have your gold evaluated by a professional, there is no real way of knowing what the actual value of your gold is. When it comes to gold, don’t let sentiment rule you. What you consider to be worth a lot might turn out to be worth less than you believe. Do not let your emotions rule you.

  1. Thinking your gold is less or worth nothing

As much as there are people who think their gold item is worth more than it really is, there are people who might be led to believe that their gold item is worthless. Gold, whether it’s old, new or broken is worth something. You won’t know how much until you have it valued. Old and damaged gold items can be repaired or restored or it can be sold as scrap. Gold retains its value regardless of its condition.

  1. Not researching the buyers they sell to

With the amount of gold buying companies out there, finding a reputable buyer can be hard. It is important to do research on the gold companies in your area and online. There are plenty of excellent gold buyers who you should sell gold to.

Online classifieds like Craigslist and eBay may sound like good ideas. It may look like the process is quick and easy but it is not as easy as it sounds. You are mainly working with buyers you might never see. Weigh the risks of doing business with various types of buyers that you choose to deal with. Reputable buyers know their business depends on good customer service, setting good prices and providing a safe environment. Here are some things you need to consider:

  • How long have they been in business?

You don’t want to sell gold to someone who just got into the business of buying and selling gold, who might be looking for some short term way of making cash. A buyer with a long history will have the experience and will understand the importance of offering fair prices to customers.

  • What are others saying about them?

Find reviews on respective gold buyers. The experience of previous buyers will give you a sense of what you can expect.

  • How secure are they?

Walking around with expensive gold jewellery is not safe. You should look for a buyer who has safety measures in place. For instance, someone who only sees sellers by appointment when the business is not open to public walk-ins.

  • How quickly do they pay out?

Ideally, you should walk into a gold buying establishment with your gold in hand and walk out with cash on the same day, however some sellers like online sellers will make you wait days or weeks. Never leave your jewellery at a buyer’s shop for a long period of time. Your gold buyer should pay what you deserve quickly.




Learning The Most Secure Investment For Your Bitcoin Or IRA Account Gold

Gold and Bitcoin are still two of the investments that most people consider worldwide. And with the significant growth of the cryptocurrency market, there is more room and possible volatility.

Bitcoin Or Gold

Given the recent slump in the Stock Market, there has been a lot of talk about alternative investments. The US-China Trade War has resulted in much fear about a potential recession. As of now, two assets are extremely popular. However, should you invest in gold or bitcoin? By now you might think this is an obvious option. Gold has been here for a long time, while Bitcoin has just come up. But, it doesn’t mean that you should overlook Bitcoin now that it is new. In this guide, you will learn the significance of investing using a self-directed retirement account.


Since 1849 (the Gold Rush), most people have aspired to get their hands on this precious metal. Most people rush to gold, or other metals when it comes to economic downturns. It has always been regarded as a safe investment. Besides a few setbacks, gold has appreciated in value since the turn of this century.


Do you know what Bitcoin is? Well, here is a brief summary. You must have instantly thought of a physical coin once you heard the term“ Bitcoin”? Well, that’s not the case at all. It is actually a form of digital currency, often known as cryptocurrency. It’s created by “miners” who break cryptographic codes using computers to unlock the coin. It isn’t regulated or backed by any government. A blockchain is rather used as a ledger that keeps track of all transactions. That way, users can establish the authenticity of every “coin” use.

Use a Self-Directed Retirement Account to Invest in Gold or Bitcoin

That’s right! You can invest in Bitcoin and gold with your retirement funds. Once you self-direct your 401(k) plan or IRA, you can invest in almost anything you want. Don’t forget that it should be IRS-approved. Furthermore, most cryptocurrencies and precious metals are allowable investments.

In case you’re self-employed, then a solo 401(k) is your ideal choice for alternative investing. All other people can use a self-directed IRA. Generally speaking, both of these plans function like their regular counterparts. Nevertheless, you’re no longer restricted in the forms of investments that conventional financial institutions provide, such as mutual funds, stocks, and bonds.

The good thing about investing in Bitcoin or gold with retirement money is that the entire profit is tax-free. Conventional accounts provide tax deferral. On the other hand, Roth options enable tax-free distributions.

Should You Invest in Gold or Bitcoin?

Well, the answer relies on financial goals and personal preference. As of now, we can all agree that gold and other precious metals will forever retain their value. Although they can bring profits, particularly during economic volatility, they undoubtedly won’t quadruple in value. Gold is regarded as a safer investment. On the other hand, Bitcoin has the potential for significant returns but comes with a high risk.


How to spot hot markets for real estate investing in WA

Are you looking for the hottest markets in WA? If yes, you have reached the right at the place. In this blog we are going to tell you where and how top to spot hot markets for real estate investment in WA. So, let’s get started.

Top places for the real estate investment in Washington.


The median home price in tacoma is $318,900, with value risen 8.1% over the past years and expected to increase by 4.7% over the next years.


The median home price in Seattle Seattleis $741,8437420 with values having risen 2.32.3% over the past years and expected to increase by 4.3% over the next years. You must hire a professional Seattle mortgage company to get the best mortgage deals. . You must take the help of professional Seattle mortgage company to get the best deals around.


The median home price in Federal is $394,000 with values having risen 7.2% over the past years and expected to increase by 4.1% over the next years


The median home price in Federal is $394,000 with values having risen 2.8% over the past years and expected to increase by 2.9% over the next years.


The median home price in Federal is $715,300 with values having risen 0.3% over the past years and expected to increase by 0.1% over the next years


The median home price in Federal is $715,300 with values having risen 2.5% over the past years and expected to increase by 0.3% over the next years


The median home price in Federal is $599,200 with values having risen 2.4% over the past years and expected to increase by 1.6% over the next years.


The median home price in Federal is $903,500 with values decreased by 2.4% over the past years and expected to increase by 2.2% over the next years.

If you are interested to buy property in Washington you can contact a professional mortgage lender for availing the request for the loan. You can also get in touch with to know in what mortgage rates you will get the loan.

Reasons for buying Washington real estate investment:

Solid investment opportunities in Washington require some research because this is a very competitive market. It is one of the hottest housing markets in the nation due to strong economy, steady job growth, availability of affordable housing compared housing compared to other technology hubs in the U.S and a host of amenities that appeals to the younger generation. The state economy is expected to increase if the employment rates will get increased and if economy get increase the value of the property automatically get raised. So, if you are a real estate investor and looking for the state in the US then you should definitely opt for the Washington DC. Because it is one of the most profitable marketplaces for the real estate investors. We hope this comprehensive guide on the real estate investment will help you a lot.


Top 3 Risks to Know About Before You Start Using an Online Trading App

Online trading apps are brilliant things. However, we do need to know a little about them before we start using them.

An online trading app seems straightforward and simple. For the most part, they are. There are, however, a few risks that you definitely must know about before you start using them. Here they are!

Discover the best online trading platforms in Singapore.

#1 – You Must Trade Entirely on Your Own

There is no one to help guide you with an online trading app. You will not have access to an experienced trader to ask questions from or anything. This can be daunting for new traders. There are reading materials and demo accounts that you can use to enhance your abilities. However, you still must be prepared to do the work completely by yourself.

#2 – It is Just as Easy to Lose Money as It is to Gain It

Most online trades are subject to luck. You can anticipate where the market will go through research and careful observation, but it is impossible to land a sure trade. Any and all trades, no matter how well thought out, can lead to loses. You must be prepared to make the occasional bad trade and end up losing money.

If you do your research and learn well, you have a good chance at making more good trades than bad. So long as you are earning more than you are losing, you’ll be alright.

#3 – Scams

Not all online trading apps are as they seem. Some of these apps are designed purely to take money away from you. The majority of good online trading apps won’t ask you for money at any time, other than for your deposits. If an app asks for service fees every so often, you are likely being scammed.

Are You Ready for Online Trading?

Don’t be discouraged by the risks involved. Online trading apps can be your best friend so long as you remain alert and keep learning. Good luck and happy trading!

Look at robo advisors compared.


5 Things You Should Do With Your Money Right Now

The economy is always in flux, but your financial state doesn’t have to be. Putting something away for your future isn’t easy, but it’s essential. And, you don’t need a vast amount of wealth to invest in financial stability. Of course, it’s necessary to assess the market’s state before you put your money into anything.

If you’re not a financial analyst or a stockbroker, there’s a good chance the stock market terrifies you. And, you’re not alone. There are many reasons why people don’t invest in the stock market. Most people don’t have enough financial education. Others can’t afford to take the risk. However, several other options exist for those of us looking to save.

It can be as simple as a savings account or as complicated as real estate investments. If you’re married, you can start by merging money with your spouse. Increase your credit score, and lower your credit card debt. Here’s what to do with your money right now for a more stable future.

Consider a savings account.

It sounds simple and unimportant. However, it can make a difference in your finances. You may not be ready to start investing. Even so, it’s a terrible idea to keep all your money in a checking account. More money means more savings in a savings account. If you don’t have enough, consider a joint account with a family member or a spouse.

Although the interest on deposited funds is usually a small amount, it’s better than nothing. You can find high-yielding savings accounts to make the most of the situation. Or, check whether you can get a tax-free savings account. Remember, even small savings are better than none at all.

Invest in real estate.

Have you considered investing in real estate? If you have a large amount of money, you have more options than funds and stocks. Real estate can be a rewarding investment if you choose wisely. Don’t rule this out if you’re afraid of tending to a tenant. Even if you can’t afford to buy property, you can invest in real estate mutual funds or exchange-traded funds. You can also invest in real estate online.

Of course, this is not easy, so it’s best to get professional help. Hire a trusted firm or individual to get legal advice or financial forecasting. Reputable financial analysts like Alastair Barnes often have an active social media presence that you can access with a few clicks. Some analysts will even post advice and information online, or offer a free consultation.

Pay your debts.

Everything from credit cards to loans can push you deeper into debt. It’s best to stay out of debt altogether. However, you can’t avoid all debts. So, work on paying it off without delay instead. The interest on debts and loans can increase over time. So, if you pay them off now, you can save more for your future. It’s a good idea to pay off high-interest debt first.

It can be challenging to manage all the student loans, healthcare costs, and credit card bills. If you’re behind on payments, you may get some scary debt collection calls. However, you may need time to sort out your finances.

Get legal advice from an attorney, or talk to legal rights advocates. Even if a debt collector calls, remember that you have rights. Places like can help you figure out what these are. You may not know which debt collection practices are against your consumer rights. So, it’s best to get a professional to help you.

Start an investment portfolio.

You may not be ready for a significant stock market investment. However, you could try investing in low index mutual funds. It’s never too early to start putting your money in something that will offer returns. Remember, federal law does not insure all investments. To avoid losing your money, do your research before you pick an investment.

An investment portfolio can help you become more financially independent. And, it can offer funds for your future since several grow significantly over time. Make sure to check what returns you will get and how risky each investment is. Ask a financial analyst to forecast returns on more significant investments. You can use these to save for advanced degrees, or as retirement funds.

Pay your taxes.

It doesn’t sound like a way to save money, but it is. Filing your taxes on time will help you avoid late fees. Adjust your taxes correctly in advance to avoid paying too much in the future. Like other financial issues, taxes can tough to understand. To get a higher deduction, lower liability, and more benefits, it’s best to get professional help.

Research your legal rights and tax laws to avoid accidental tax evasion. If you’re married, consider joint taxes with your spouse. Make it a habit to file taxes on time to avoid penalties. A series of smart money moves now will help avoid financial issues in the future.


Investment in Villas or Apartments in Abu Dhabi, What is Better Option

Despite the fact that it appears to be straightforward, the choice to purchase property in Abu Dhabi regardless of whether a condo or an estate, isn’t a simple one to make. By choosing Abu Dhabi apartments for sale, you are selecting in excess of a house, you’re deciding on a way of life. This is on the grounds that every level in Abu Dhabi has its own advantages and compares to a specific way of life. City or edges? Nearness or peacefulness? Companions or family? Ask yourself the correct inquiries before choosing a loft in Abu Dhabi that is obviously found, or rather an estate in Abu Dhabi, which is situated in a quiet neighborhood. The advantages and disadvantages rely generally upon your way of life and your financial limit. Here are a few plans to more readily direct your decision.

The advantages and disadvantages of investing in an apartment in Abu Dhabi:

On the off chance that you are taking the choice to put resources into a loft for living purposes, the fundamental resource will be the area to be in the downtown area. Accordingly, you will be nearer to shops, schools, emergency clinics, nurseries and open vehicle, which will help in restricting your movement consumptions. The other major in addition to consider when settling on a loft is low upkeep cost. Concerning the upkeep of the structure, the cost will be shared by all the proprietors. Living in a loft in Abu Dhabi, your cooling, water and power costs are additionally diminished in contrast with living in an estate. Besides, you won’t be dealing with the support of the structure, which is endowed to the attendant.

On the off chance that you are thinking about a condo in Abu Dhabi for venture purposes, at that point it is less complex to lease a loft and afterward advantage from the Abu Dhabi rental yields, which are one of the most noteworthy on the planet.

Remember that the primary weakness of owning a level in Abu Dhabi is the absence of room. For sure, rather than an enormous nursery, you will just have an overhang. As you live in a loft, you should likewise make bargains and regard the standards of the structure. You are not allowed to revamp or roll out any improvements, according to your wants.

The advantages and disadvantages of investing in a villa in Abu Dhabi:

A manor is perfect for bigger families, who need additional room. You will have a nursery to yourself, where your youngsters and pets can skip securely. You can likewise have a patio and a pool to appreciate the lovely days. Another bit of leeway of living in an estate in Abu Dhabi is the opportunity of remodel to address your issues and to mirror your taste and style, as you will be the sole proprietor of your property. On the off chance that you like it serene and calm, this is a perfect decision, since you are a long way from the buzzing about of the downtown area.

Obviously, the primary inconvenience of an estate is the more significant expense that you need to pay alongside the upkeep expenses and service charges that you should assume full liability for, as the sole proprietor. Moreover, manors in Abu Dhabi are regularly a long way from the downtown area; you should likewise consider travel costs before settling on your decision. To be sure, you will be more vehicle subordinate particularly in the event that you have to make customary excursions to downtown.

Taking everything into account, manors in Abu Dhabi are more qualified for enormous families, who need to appreciate quietness and apartment for sale in Abu Dhabi are the correct decision for single experts or littler families, who need to utilize the monetary, social and social character for which Abu Dhabi is well known.


Corona’s Potential Impact on Investment Banking Industry

Following a considerably weak 2019 for global investment banks in terms of generating revenues, 2020 could prove to be even weaker. The worldwide spread of the pandemic has rattled the financial markets. COVID-19 worries in the capital markets will certainly hurt the market issuances, and will trigger a slowdown, as per the market experts.

Investment banks globally, will bear the impact, more specifically, the European financial firms that were already struggling. The not-so-great first quarter of the last year has had a lasting impact on investment banking revenues that led to the sad ending of 2019. The US investment banking industry recorded its lowest in revenues since the great recession of 2008.

First Quarter of 2020 To Go Weak Amid the Virus’s Adverse Impact

This year’s first quarter for investment banking sector started strong in the early weeks of January, but later, the virus outbreak disturbed the positive growth. The virus-induced market catastrophe in the late February and early March led to the disastrous market selloffs never seen before since 2008 crisis. Commodities and equities prices fell to whole new lows.

Complete Market Meltdown on March 9th

We witnessed a complete market meltdown with a sudden spike in the number of corona-affected people in the US and Europe. The concerns quickly took over the financial markets, and meanwhile, the talks between Russia and Saudi Arabia over oil supply faltered, eventually finishing off with no positive conclusion. As a result, the Stoxx Europe 600 and S&P 500, both witnessed a drop by 7%.

Portfolio Adjustments – The Need of the Hour for Institutional Investors

Stock price falls, and volatility in the financial sector will continue in the next couple of months. Institutional investors will be forced to adjust their portfolios, more specifically, while putting the bonds and equities at sale in the market.

S&P Global Market Intelligence, a highly reputed American corporation that provides for real-time market-analysis data, recently produced a report wherein numerous investment banks from around the world were included as samples. In this report, it said that the global investment banks in 2019 saw a year-on-year decline in equity revenues, with a handful of exceptions.

What Happens to the Investment Banking Sector When the COVID-19 Spread Stops?

If the virus outbreak does not come to a halt soon, the impact on the global financial markets will be no less than a catastrophe. Banking professionals, in large numbers, will lose their jobs.Till the time the epidemic stays, the revenues of companies will continue their decline.

How Investment Banking Strategists Rate the Impact of the Pandemic?

However, no clarity prevails at this point in time regarding the longevity of the pandemic, the strategists are expecting its containment sooner, and hoping for a quick revival of the economy.

The CEO of a leading US investment firm Opimas, namely Octavio Marenzi, while interviewing with S&P Global Market Intelligence, said – “As the death rate lowers down, the things will quickly fall back to normal”. He further added – “The pandemic will need to continue affecting human lives until the end of the second quarter of 2020 to actually put the brakes on the global economic growth”.


How to Find Investors

Do you need to find investors in order to start-up your own business or bring your existing business to the next level and grow it? There are various nifty ways to find investors whose help you will require to help finance your business. Obtaining more capital and finance will always be a necessity in a business whether you’ve already grown and are offering great products and services. Without the appropriate finance and investment, your business may eventually be one step behind from that of your competitors. So when finding investors you can scope out these few tips to find the right investors who would be willing to invest into your business idea.

  • With the help of Business Schools

Contact your closest university as they have a large number of strong networks of succeeding entrepreneurs and investors. Universities are occasionally offering business-related programs for start-up students willing to step into the entrepreneurial industry.

  • Contact your Friends in the Business Industry

If you are aware of other people in the same industry you’re looking to find investors for, contact them and ask for recommendations. Since many investors are interested in investing in specific industries or business areas; such as travel, retail, automobiles, mobile app developers, and so on. Do some mild research in your area of work and try to get into contact with investors interested to invest in your field of work.

  • Angel Investors Networks

Angel investor networks are known to be a network of a number of members who tend to invest in businesses based on location. They source their capital from an existing investment firm who sets aside a fund to be specifically invested and dealt into such businesses by these angel investors.

  • Online Sources

A number of online platforms such as LinkedIn, AngelList, Quora, Microventures, etc can be of help when searching for angel investors. You can scope out investors online which may save up on time and help you find a suitable investor within no time. You can start by looking for investors in your own field.

Another great online platform to help you scope out investors by your locations and field is Gain Investors. Here you can join and get into contact with already successful individuals. If you already have a business idea that you are sure of being successful the only thing you’ll be lacking is the appropriate business investment funding. Attaining investment will not only help you start-up your business venture but also aid in materializing your business idea and becoming a reality.

Through Gain Investors, you can quickly present your business vision to willing investors and make them agree to invest in your idea. You may be able to persuade and sway an investor or maybe even a whole investment firm to look into your idea and help it become a reality.

It is not only an opportunity for you who’s looking to find investors but also for investors themselves. As they can find great investment opportunities that will pique your interest and make you want to help and see the innovative business ideas becoming a reality. These investments will then help the investors bring in positive returns and good publicity. So find an investment project you’re interested in and contact the entrepreneur or the investors and begin working together!


Pursuing Investment Opportunities in the Middle East

Over the years, the Middle East has begun to develop into a powerhouse of investment opportunities. The Middle East is rapidly growing thanks to its focus on energy-based resources, such as oil. With that being said, the Middle East is a broad and varied region with a multitude of different investment sectors to explore. In fact, many governments throughout the Middle East are working toward expanding their local policies in order to invite more foreign investors to the region. RAK ruler Sheikh Saud bin Saqr al Qasimi, for example, has worked extensively with the Ras Al Khaimah Investment Authority to make it even easier for foreign businesses to get started in RAK. We’ll touch on Ras Al Khaimah more later, but first, let’s take a look at a few other investment opportunities in the area.

Top Investment Opportunities in the Middle East

The Middle East comprises a massive amount of land, people, and governments. From Egypt and Africa to Ras Al Khaimah and Dubai, there are going to be opportunities that enterprising investors will want to pursue. Having said that, it isn’t always easy to jump right into the investment world. Today, we are going to be laying a foundation of information that you can use while researching the area for potential economic opportunities.

1) Egypt – As one of the largest and most economically developed areas throughout the Middle East, Egypt provides a wealth of potential investment opportunities. According to Karim Khedr, a local brokerage leader, the investment climate in Egypt is dramatically improving. As a result, Khedr, as well as other financial gurus, are expecting foreign direct investments to increase throughout 2019 and leading into 2020. Egypt has fully embraced the tourism sector which is allowing for growth in other areas of the economy. Egypt has also been developing solutions to the higher inflation rates that had been scaring off foreign investors. Still, even with inflation being problematic, Egypt has open doors for foreign investors to come and establish their business. Crossover exposure from Egypt to America has been incredibly reliable since 2017. If you are looking for a city to set up shop in, consider heading down to Cairo. Cairo provides access to a variety of different revenue streams and potential market opportunities. Right now, construction, textiles, and tourism are all surging. Cairo also benefits from a free trade agreement that has been put in place with Israel and the United States.

2) Ras Al Khaimah – Ras al Khaimah is one of the more prosperous emirates in the UAE. Despite how effectively Ras Al Khaimah has been while working with foreign investors, they are still overshadowed by some of the more popular emirates in the area, including the world-class and expensive emirate of Dubai. Still, Sheikh Saud bin Saqr al Qasimi has been hard at work when it comes to developing more potential for growth in their economic sector. He has been the driving force being the development of the RAK Investment Authority. Founded in 2005, this government body was installed in order to promote trade, investments, tourism, and infrastructure throughout Ras Al Khaimah. Foreign investors will benefit from low startup costs, well-developed infrastructure, a stable government with foreigner-friendly investor policies, and a host of beneficial tax regulations. Ras Al Khaimah has roots in several different growing sectors, which is ideal because RAK has never been reliant on the production of oil. For foreign investors that want to get their hands on the Middle East while avoiding Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah is probably your second best bet in the area.

3) Jordan – An overlooked country in the Middle East is that of Jordan. Located in the northern sect of the region, seated between Syria, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Iraq, and Palestine, you’ll find plenty of opportunities. The capital city of Amman has roots dating back to the 13th Century, BC. As a tourist hub, Amman provides access to one of the most accessed cities on the planet. If you want to settle into a city and country that offers you access to an always evolving market share, Amman in Jordan might be the right play for you. Jordan’s economy is reliant on tourism and their heavy industry, they also allow zone-produced products that aren’t beholden to tariffs. Jordan has a trade agreement with several prominent nations, including the United States. Amman has also become something of a second Silicon Valley, with more and more companies looking to establish their headquarters in the technology sector. Amman is quickly becoming something of a Silicon Hill, rather than a Silicon Valley.

4) Saudi Arabia – We’re going to round out our discussion by heading to Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is a well-known country in the Middle East, largely due to its booming oil industry. Saudi Arabia has the largest oil reserves in the world and that sector of their economy comprises nearly 55% of its total GDP. While oil runs the show in Saudi Arabia, the country is also experiencing a boom in its construction industry. If you want boots on the ground, oil and construction are two industries that you could immediately begin to pursue. However, if you want to act in a more opportunistic fashion, you could consider becoming an importer. Due to their lack of arable land, Saudi Arabia is always bringing in produce, machinery, and textiles from out of the country. Saudi Arabia’s city of Riyadh is where you’ll likely want to end up setting up shop. Just understand that Saudi Arabia lacks any ocean access and that Riyadh, in particular, will be landlocked. You’ll have to work through places like Jeddah in order to have access to the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf.

Investing in the Middle East is a complicated, textured, and occasionally frustrating prospect. However, with the right information on hand, you should be able to develop a viable business plan for the reason. We touched on only four different countries in the region, so don’t be afraid to pursue further research!