The UK restricts the labour market for immigrants


The preliminary concept is that applications for work visas are to be granted on the basis of a set of specific features. The most important of these are: language skills, professional qualifications, education and work experience in the UK’s deficit sectors.
The first, simplified version of the programme will be introduced at the end of the transition period, i.e. before 31 December 2020. According to The Independent, further regulations would be implemented in 2021. This system regulates the labour market very carefully. It ensures strict selection of workers and, as a result, limits the surge of unqualified workers coming from other countries.

What does the point system mean for foreigners who would like to work in the UK after brexit? First of all, restrictions for all those who planned to take up unskilled jobs. Tom Phillips explains that the point system is favourable for people with higher educational qualifications. Computer scientists, doctors, engineers, specialists in specific fields and representatives of industries requiring certification will be certainly appreciated and desired. For them it is a profitable system.

It is worth recalling that according to official data, about 14% of all employees of the British National Health Service are immigrants. Whereas, every fourth doctor is a foreigner. The representatives of technical professions also have a great chance to work, emphasises Tom Phillips. In the UK there was a lack of about 2 thousand certified welders. The construction of the nuclear power plant in 2016 took half of the specialists from the market. In Canada, there was a point system for loggers, and Australia was urgently looking for pilots of both inland and coastal ships.

The new rules are not applicable to foreigners who have already obtained permission to stay in the UK. Less competition on the labour market means new opportunities for promotion, job changes and higher earnings, among other things. Start with writing a new Resume. How should a good Resume that will attract the attention of the employer look like? Tips and ready-to-use templates can be found on the Employment specialist Tom Phillips admits that most Resumes are rejected at an early stage, so it’s important to adapt your Resume to the job offer. To maximise your chances, consider writing a cover letter, you can find ready-to-use examples of a cover letter on the website.

How will the whole brexit process affect and the new threats of the virus (COVID-19) the economy in the long term perspective? Economists have no illusions, there is already a decrease in the state’s income, and this is just the beginning. On the other hand, opinions among the residents are divided, just like votes in a referendum.