Sending And Receiving Western Union Money Order

Western Union Money Order

You may get into a situation where you cannot use credit card payment, checks, or even cash. And during these situations, you can use a Western Union Money Order whether to send or receive money. If you have never used western union money order, you can follow this blog as it will discuss receiving and sending money through western union. A money order can be defined as a prepaid paper document that can be used for making purchases. However, money orders are usually only for a limited amount. Now, let’s get more into detail on sending and receiving from Western Union:

How To Send A Money Order

If you cannot use a credit card, cash, or a check to send money, your next possible option is to use a money order. Money orders are affordable, widely accepted, and are a safe alternative if you are sending them through the mail. The recipient will be able to track the payment and show proof in case it gets lost, stolen, or damaged. If you have to send a money order, you cannot pay with a credit card, so take cash, a debit card, or a traveler’s check. Once you have filled out the money order, you will also have to pay an issuing fee along with the value that you are sending. And you should always keep the receipt to track the money order, this will be helpful, in case there are some unforeseen circumstances.

Receiving A Money Order:

If someone is sending you a money order, you can track it so that you will know when you will get it. However, before receiving it, you need to make sure that it is real. And there are several things that you should look out for to notice a counterfeit money order. First off, examine the paper, there are specific marks and designs on a real money order to prevent fraud. To check, hold it up to the light and look out for the watermarks of Ben Franklin on the left side, and on the right of the ben Franklin watermark, look for a vertical, multicolored thread with the letters USPS. Once all of these checks, you should then check the dollar amount, if the amount mentioned looks discolored, it may have been erased, and make sure that the amount is printed twice. Once you have gone through all of this process, you can then receive it.

How To Cash A Domestic Money Order

If you have received a domestic money order, you should note that they do not expire and that they do not incur interest. Another important thing that you should note here is that the money order can be cashed exactly for the amount mentioned in the order. You can cash your money order at the post office, bank, gas stations, or other stores. When you are cashing out the money order, make sure that you have an identity card with you, and sign the money order only when your turn comes.

Replacing Lost, Stolen, Or Damaged Money Orders: When you have already sent a money order, you cannot stop it, but you can replace a money order that has been lost or stolen. Although you should note that, it will generally take up to 30 days to confirm a lost or stolen money order, investing the status may take up to 60 days, and there will be a processing charge fee to replace a money order. To request a refund, start with an inquiry, and once it is confirmed that it has been lost or stolen, you will be issued a replacement.

Sending and receiving money orders is not a complicated task, and you can do it easily if you follow the right procedure.