Five Essential Questions to Ask an Accountant before Hiring

Five Essential Questions to Ask an Accountant before Hiring

Being an entrepreneur or a business owner has its perks, but many still get astounded by the thought of taxation. Businesses are all about making money and utilizing it wisely for future expenditures. A good accountant can either take the business to the next level or simply break it. In simpler words, new york accountants or that of any other city is an asset to the business and not just a liability.

This post covers some essentials that one needs to ask an accountant and thus pick the best one.

Whether the Accountant is A CPA?

Ideally, the answer to this question must be a YES. The reason is, any accountant can work with TurboTax, but the real trick lies in managing long due taxes effectively. And with this being said, a Certified Public Accountant will help a business more than the regular ones. An accountant will undoubtedly help prepare reports and analyze financials, but a CPA’s work goes beyond all these.

Also, when one hires a CPA, the individual won’t even require a bookkeeper because they do it all. CPAs and tax attorneys are the only individuals dealing with the IRS because they are trained and licensed by NYC professionals to perform accounting services.

What are the Working Hours?

It’s essential to ask the accountant about their working hours and future availability. The primary reason behind this is, many accountants are already occupied with a plethora of work.

One can even get more specific while asking these questions, for example:

  • Will there be in-person meetings or a telephonic one?
  • Whether the CPA will be handling the bookkeeping service?
  • What’s the average or typical response time?
  • What’s the mode of communication?

Does He/She Work with Small Businesses Too?

A CPA working with small businesses has much more knowledge about managing financials effectively. If one owns a small business, an experienced small business accountant will help to grow more. To be more apparent on this part, one can either ask the CPA their current client base or the projects they have handled in the past.

What Is the Fees Structure?

In most usual cases, no professional new york accountants or any other area directly talks about pricing. They set up a consultation call to know more about the business and requirements and accordingly set up a fee structure. A proactive NYC accountant usually has more dedication towards growing the business and not just offering filthy pricing.

Has He/She Maintained the CPE Credits?

Lastly, an NYC accountant is required to acquire at least 40 CPE in the whole financial year. Here, CPE stands for Continuing Professional Education Credits, ensuring that the accountant is well updated with the current tax laws. A good accountant won’t hesitate to showcase their CPE credits because they genuinely have attended many seminars and training.


In all, any best new york accountants or that of any other region won’t let his/her clients down when it comes to accounting. They will go above and beyond to help to generate maximum profits.