When to hire an attorney after a Houston car accident?

car accident

Because most accident claims are settled outside of court, people often wrongly assume that they can get a fair settlement from the insurance company. If you were injured in a car crash in Houston, you should consider hiring an attorney without delay. Texas is a fault state. If the other driver was negligent and caused the accident, you could claim compensation from their insurance company by filing a third-party claim. Unfortunately, insurance companies are not here to settle claims. Insurance representatives are known for using varied tactics to reduce the financial liability of the company. The question is simple – When do you really need to hire a Houston car accident attorney? Below is an overview for your help. 

When you need help with your claim

How much should you realistically expect in a settlement? The answer depends on many factors. Nothing can undo the accident, but the financial compensation can help you tide through the tough times. The worth of your settlement depends on the losses and injuries you have endured. The settlement should ideally cover your emergency medical care and treatment after the crash, long-term medical treatments, surgeries, physical therapy, income loss, and lost future income. If you have suffered a permanent disability, the eventual settlement would be a lot higher. If you don’t know what to ask in a settlement after the accident, call an attorney. 

When you don’t want to deal with the insurance company 

Insurance companies are infamous for their apathy. You may believe that the insurance claims adjuster will understand your pain and suffering, but in practice, they are just concerned about reducing what they pay in settlements. Whether you file a claim with your insurer or decide on a third-party claim, there will be evident pressure to settle. The insurance representative may also ask you to give a recorded statement. Because of these reasons, accident victims often end up getting a lower settlement amount. If you don’t want to deal with the insurance claim on your own, hiring a lawyer is the right decision. 

When you are at fault

In Texas, you cannot file an injury claim and seek compensation from the other party if you are more at fault than them. If your fault share is 50% or higher, you cannot get anything at all because of the modified comparative fault rule. Consider hiring a lawyer so that you don’t lose your chances of getting a settlement. 

You can find accident attorneys near you through an online search.