Tips to save money on your move

1. Never pay for boxes. Almost everything today in any city has a recycling center. There surely are many who recycle boxes as well. They are cheaper too. So while you save up on money, you are doing your bit for the environment too. Other sources of strong boxes is hospitals and laboratories, because all chemicals and medical supplies are shipped in double-walled boxes which no longer have importance once the stuff is out of it. Restaurants get some of their veggies in sturdy boxes, which can be a great source. Many shoe stores also get their deliveries in cool and strong boxes.

2. Don’t move so much stuff. If there’s something that you haven’t unpacked yet thinking that one day you will use it, are the first target to get rid of during your move. If you haven’t used it since a year, then chances are that you probably never will either. Unless of course it’s something brilliantly expensive that you have to use, rather than the need of it. If you are left with extra stuff that you don’t want to move in with, then you can sell these things off rather than throwing it away. Or else, you can donate it to a charity or NGO. Because, the more unnecessary weight you carry around, the more you will have to pay to the carrier.

3. Believe it or not, you will be amazed the amount of money you end up spending on just bubble wraps. You would obviously have too many handle-with-care items which you don’t want to break while moving in. To pad such items you can use bed linens, towels and clothing which you are anyway going to pack. Newspapers shouldn’t go in the bin starting a month before your move out. These newspapers can help you pack the fragile stuff easily. But be careful about what you wrap in them. Newsprint can smudge on dishes. You can instead use butcher paper to wrap dishes. Movers do not insure the boxes that you pack yourself, so be careful of how you pack them.

4. Be your own supplier. For the things you cannot wrap up with towels or newspaper, you should check sites to connect with people who have just moved in somewhere and want to get rid of the packing material they would have bought or borrowed from someone else. They could sell it to you at a cheaper rate or even give it for free. Make sure you do not depend on movers because they will charge you a surplus over the original cost, which is a really bad deal to opt for. Never go for such deals when you want to save on money.

6. Ensure that you place odd-sized items in boxes which are usually easy to move around. The chances of it getting damaged is quite less if you use good sturdy boxes. The point here is to save you from wasting the investment you’ve made on any particular sculpture or decor item. Also, it saves you time and cost of shifting it separately.

7. Always keep a record of all your moving expenses. Right from the number of cushions to different accessories, to even how many boxes were packed for every room/part of the house. You can save yourself the trouble of checking everything and dealing with the movers. Although your stuff would be insured, but you never know when things turn against you and you lose the money as well. For example if you’re moving from Mumbai to a property in Kolkata, and you’ve hired the mover from Mumbai but realise a day later afterhaving reached the property in Kolkata, that you’ve an item missing, then things could get complicated. Avoid the trouble, make a list.

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Shawn Louis is a writer who cracks down everything under how-to articles into easy and understandable ways, which is why he has attracted a huge fan following for his articles. He currently resides in a property in Kolkata and operates from home.


PPI claim form for safeguarding personal finances

There has been a lot of confusion regarding the payment protection insurance claims and the legalities involving them. To get a clear inkling of what it is all about, skim through the rest of the content for more details. Once a client has taken out a loan based on mortgage or with the agreement of any credit card company or bank, there are PPI insurance claims or payment protection claims for the user benefits. It means that if due to any reason, the loans are not repaid, this PPI claim would guarantee the financial aspect till the client is able to find work again. So let us skim through the article to know more about the PPI claim or the payment protection insurance claim.

If your policy has been mis sold by any of the money lenders or banks, you have the full right to demand a compensation. For the compensation, you would need a PPI claim form which has to be filled out with financial details and then sent for the approval and processing. There are various unethical means through which the money lenders convince the clients to sign up for the payment protection insurance claims without any kind of knowledge updates. No sensible client should ever give in to such demands of the creditors. For that you need to skim through the payment protection insurance document policies very thoroughly and if possible keep a copy of the same with you.

It is wrong to make use of the payment protection insurance claims and mis sell them for serving one’s own purpose. However, there are ways to get compensation if you go about it the right way which pointers have been provided above and also in the rest of the article. So, read on for more details.

You need to submit a formally written letter to the bank, informing about the mis sold policies and demanding a compensation. If your financial details are right, the bank will comply and your amount will be returned to you. However, don’t get aggravated if the banks reject the application. Just because the banks have turned down the applications don’t have to mean that they are correct. You can apply to the Financial Ombudsman Service too but you make sure that the complaint is put forth very strongly and has to make a credible impression with the authorities.

More updates and information

A PPI claim form can be got but you need to know the interest rate, type and date of the policy and also the reasons why you took the claim or loan. If you have all the reasons handy and available and know how to present them to the concerned authorities, chances are that they would sit up and take notice. You can also recruit competent lawyers in the payment protection insurance claim services and get valuable legal help from them.


There are even excellent financial services and claim handling organizations which deal with the payment protection insurance plans and covers. Some of the really credible firms work so efficiently that you can get a no win no fee guarantee from them. It means that the lawyers are not charging you with a bill for their services if they cannot deliver the goods for you and make your reclaims a successful venture. So these are some of the updates regarding the same. In order to know more about the same, you can log onto the internet websites. Read all you can about these payment protection insurance claims so that you don’t need to be taken for a ride anytime you opt for the same.